Would Poker’s Rise Continue in the Post-Covid Era?

The lockdown due to the Covid-19 Pandemic may have impacted industry sectors around the world, however widespread digitization has led to the rise of new industries. One of the majorly & rapidly growing industries, online gaming, has witnessed a massive increase in its player base. Although there are many forms of entertainment available, such as film, films, web shows, and the rest of the other industries, the digital gaming sector has sparked a greater interest.

The level of coronavirus occurrences is growing, and a new phase of the epidemic has begun with a new lockout. A huge number of younger as well as the older generation is looking for options to play real cash games to fight boredom, tension, and alienation caused by the pandemic lockout, with online poker being the first choice among them. The Indian digital poker set industry was heading on its way to touch the heights, but it has now exploded to new heights.

The progress of the digital gaming world in India has been positive in the previous year. It has exploded in popularity due to innovative market models including in-app purchases and real-money gameplay in online poker, rummy, and other sports. The Indian digital industry of gaming is expected to expand up to a 22% increase by 2023, according to KPMG statistics. This provides a plethora of opportunities for online gaming such as poker and rummy to succeed in the industry.

  • People Who Use the Internet

The pandemic can hasten India’s digital adoption. This has had a significant effect on the digital gaming industry’s overall development. With new and low-cost smartphones in the industry, which continue to draw a large number of new users in the region.

India currently has more than 560 million internet users, with the number expected to rise to 650 million by 2023. Affordable smartphone data packs sold by various network providers have also contributed to the increase in daily internet usage. This has increased the player base of online money games platforms in India, which is still increasing with the second phase of the virus spread.

  • Mobile Gaming Accessibility

As technology has advanced, so has the method of playing games. Offline play was formerly only available on laptops and PCs. Traditional gaming consoles have been replaced by mobile phone connectivity, with gamers flocking to smartphones. Because of the portability, popularity, and stable setup of smartphones, the number of people who play online poker has grown around the world. 

  • Digital Payments are convenient

During the pandemic’s end, there has been a significant increase in the use of digital platforms for payment. By 2022, it is anticipated that 300 million people will have used digital payment systems. People who are unfamiliar with online purchases are required to use methods and ways of how the digital payment tools work, how to play poker online, as a result of the stay-at-home orders. Furthermore, to improve user participation, online gaming firms are using novel approaches such as real-money competitions or transactions. As a result, online purchases are increasingly catering to the demands of real-money customers due to their ease and durability with a perfect answer to the question, how to win cash and withdraw money.

  • Millennials’ Economy

With companies coming up with innovations in online poker gaming, the trend is upward development with great opportunities. Any companies are integrating interactive features and formats to improve consumer engagement. They’re transforming a mundane web experience into a real-world resource that will hopefully draw more people and keep them around even after the phase of Covid-19 has been vanquished.


Bhupendra Chahar
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