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Introduction To Mobile FAUG Game Online

FAUG or Fearless and United Guards is an action game that was developed by an Indian company known as nCore Games. The game was first released on 26th January 2021 for Android-based devices and then later in March 2021 for iOS-based devices. The game is built upon the bravery, courage and valiant services provided by the Indian Army to its citizens. 

The primary concept of the FAUG game revolves around various real-time events happening in-game so that you're always thinking about your next turn. The game sports realistic graphics and the gameplay features it provides makes the game a treat to play for every gamer out there. 

Backstory Of Online FAUG Game

The storyline in FAUG mobile game is loosely based on the Galwan Valley face-off that happened between the Indian and Chinese armies, back in the year 2020. After the occurrence of such an event, the Indian government had banned multiple applications & service providers based in China, such as PUBG Mobile, TikTok, PUBG Mobile Lite, Alibaba, Aliexpress and so on. 

Hence, FAUG was developed with the sole intention of filling the void created by the ban of PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite, so that gamers could enjoy something new & exciting again.

Online FAUG Game Graphics & Gameplay

When it comes to the various graphical elements of the game, you can expect to have a fantastic experience because of the brilliant character models and gorgeous game scenes. The game utilises random cut scenes to provide players with that sense of progress. Considering the game has only a minimal download size of less than 1 GB, the graphics are undeniably impressive, to say the least. 

Talking about the gameplay, FAUG can be described as a close-combat title, where the player utilises weapons and hand-combat to kill the enemies. The game sports both single-player & multiplayer, and the gameplay is similar in both the available modes. Since the game is an action game, players can expect to enjoy more fighting sequences using hand combat than using weapons for shooting purposes. 

FAUG follows linear narrative gameplay where the player moves from one checkpoint to another – thereby killing the enemies at each intersection. The gameplay will revolve around three main functions: 

  • Movement
  • Strike
  • Defend

Players can also jump or hop. The checkpoints in this game are supported by bonfires, where players can rest for a while and replenish their health, before heading towards the next conflict zone on the map. FAUG also implements a timer for each mission (especially in singleplayer). Hence, if a player crosses the time limit, then the mission can fail. Thus, keep track of your time, so that you complete the mission before the stipulated time frame.

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FAUG  Game Weapons & Combat

FAUG has implemented three-button combat where players will have to choose between defend, strike/attack and movement. Weapons tend to get exhausted or depleted after using them for a limited number of strikes. Once a weapon gets damaged, players have to find a new weapon to pick and continue playing the game. 

How To Play FAUG Game?

Playing FAUG is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is to continue running with your given controls and defeat the Chinese army men coming your way. When a Chinese soldier will come your way, you have to constantly tap the 'strike' icon. In case you want to defend yourself, then you have to use the 'defend' button.

The game will also showcase your health via a green bar and the overall time to finish the objective.

FAUG Game Multiplayer

As mentioned previously, FAUG also has a separate app for multiplayer, besides its singleplayer format. The singleplayer app is known as 'FAUG', while the multiplayer app is known as 'FAUG Multiplayer'. Both apps are available on the Google Play Store and only the single-player format app is available on the Apple App Store.

The multiplayer of FAUG revolves around playing TDM (Team Deathmatch) in two teams of 5v5 and DM (Deathmatch) where each player will play against each other. The gameplay & weapons remain the same. 

Ideal Strategies To Follow When Playing FAUG Game

Now that you know how to play the FAUG mobile game, you must learn some crucial tips & tricks before you put your hands on to the game:

  • Always remember to keep your health in good shape, throughout every level you play. 
  • Always beware of opponents that attack. 
  • Remember to utilise the bonfires around you, so that you can replenish your health at any moment during the game. 
  • Try to learn the map and your surroundings properly. 
  • Plan your moves the moment you see your opponents. 
  • Remember to use hand-to-hand combat most of the time and during scenarios when your opponents don’t have any weapon. 
  • Try to be alert of opponents who try to attack from behind.
  • Finally, don't lose sight of time.

Mobile FAUG Game Vs Poker Game

When comparing FAUG game review vs poker, it should be remembered that FAUG offers both singleplayer & multiplayer formats, whereas poker games will offer only its multiplayer format. 

However, you must learn that the gameplay of FAUG revolves around the use of weapons and fighting lethal/non-lethal with your opponents. As a result, not every player out there would like to play such a game because after a period of a certain timeframe, the game becomes repetitive and boring. The weapons & strategies will always remain the same. 

But, in the world of poker rules, you’ll never be short of surprises. Playing poker hands requires skills, hard work and patience to succeed. Hence, there will always be something new to learn in poker, thereby making the game so much more interesting - even after playing hundreds & thousands of hours. 

So, it’s a no-brainer that poker is the better choice of game to play, even when compared to other money earning games like Call Break.

FAUG Mobile Game FAQs

Q. How to download FAUG?

To download FAUG, all you have to do is to open either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and type ‘FAU-G’ or ‘FAUG’ in the search bar. Look for the nCore Games developer name in the results and then download the game right away. 

Q. How to improve health in FAUG?

When you’ll play FAUG, you’ll encounter bonfires at regular intervals. All you have to do is to sit beside the bonfire, and your health will be replenished.

Q. How to get weapons in FAUG?

The only method that you can use to get weapons in FAUG is to kill the Chinese soldiers and then take away their weapons, which you can use later to fight more Chinese soldiers.

Note: Adda52 does not host FAUG or FAUG: Multiplayer in any format.

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