Free Fire Online Game: Best Survival Battle Royale on Mobile


Garena is a character in the film Garena Free Fire (aka online Free Fire game), an Android and iOS battle game created by Studio of Dots 111 and released by Garena. In 2019, it has been touching heights when counting the downloads on smartphones in the world. It is becoming the most popular game in the world. In 2019, the Google Play Store awarded the game the "Best Popular Vote Game" honor. With over 80 million daily active users worldwide, Free Fire is achieving a new milestone from May 2020. The Free Fire game has generated over $1 billion globally since November 2019.

Free Fire is an adventurous and thrilling game. The Battlegrounds is a well-known game wherein it is based on survival shooter. In this game, numerous players engage in action-packed combat. The shooter game was the first among the other games to have a mystery tale in which players are pitted against one another on a lonely island. You have the option of playing alone or as a team. You must shield yourself from radiation and attackers to survive in the game and win the battle.

Customization options abound, as do fast-paced scenes and interesting action.

The royale game to Battle, developed by Garena International, has earned a passionate fan base and admirers from all over the globe. This action game came into the picture before the extremely successful game for mobile PUBG, Fortnite Battle. The game includes action and is unique, creative, and does not plagiarise other games in the genre.

The Objective of the Playing Free Fire Game Online

In this High-end survival strategy game, the concept of multiplayer gameplay is applied. This indicates that this game cannot be played offline. You can play the game in one of two ways while connected to an internet server where you can just play this online. The first focuses on an unrestricted approach over the entire island. In this edition, 40 people compete with each other to see who can win the match. The next one is a little smaller, with four players on each squad. The goal is still the same.

How does the gameplay work?

In comparison to other smartphone games, Free Fire Battlegrounds features easy controls. You can play free fire with the options to crouch, crawl and stand are all options for the main character. The game uses a largely automated shooting technique, with the focal point becoming red to indicate the enemy's exact location.

There are several safe zones in the game where you may relax and protect yourself from the radiation of the island. These zones shrink as and when the game proceeds. While the game is only to be played for a duration of about ten minutes, the goal is to save your energy until the final level.

There is limited ammo in the game, so you'll need to buy weapons such as grenades, shooters, guns, and other goods to level up. A variety of health packs are also available to let you survive till the end of the battle. You may also buy automobiles using 'diamonds' and items to be used in the game. You can also purchase and upgrade cars to use as a special item.

The weapons and vehicles are easy to use. In this action game, the compass on the screen assists you in navigating the various movements. Shooting other players is not allowed while driving a car. You can, however, go on a murderous spree by driving them over. Although the aesthetics in some areas look to be outdated, the you fascinated.

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What about personalization options?

This Android game, unlike others in the genre, offers users a great deal of customization. Character modifications, in fact, make the game intriguing at every turn. Most of appear to be ordinary people, and some even have animals or other accouterments. As previously stated, ‘diamonds' may be used to develop and modify avatars, purchase ammo, and drive automobiles over large regions.

Admittedly, the game does not look to be a worthwhile survival shooter. It would be done in a cartoonish, playful manner. The capacity to enhance weapons, increase health meters, and drive autos is accompanied by strange pictures.

On the other hand, online free fire games & Battlegrounds get new designs, modifications, avatars, and weaponry regularly. The design team often organizes special promotions and offers along with the special events.

Our point of view

This game filled with action is enjoyable to play in general. It has the capacity to hold your attention for countless hours. Unfortunately, its expansion has been hampered by sluggish servers and many faults in the already crowded game industry.

Do you think you should get it?

Garena free fire International's battle royale game is one of the fast-paced offerings. Free Fire online Battlegrounds does not disappoint with its fascinating sequences, many personalizations, and automobile support upgrades, and weaponry. In truth, the addictive gameplay keeps you returning to the island, where everything is possible to conquer the game. You can also get the Garena free fire download for Desktop, Smartphones, and PC.

Pros of the game

  • The game is engaging along with the fun involved.
  • The game has various customization options to ease out and enhance the gaming experience of the user.
  • This game, as mentioned, is supported by a strong team of information technology and the gaming community.
  • The game has a very good structure of scoring in the background.

Cons of the Free Fire Game

  • This game has one disadvantage that it might hang on some of the servers due to technical issues. However, these issues are getting fixed.
  • The second big drawback of this game is that it doesn’t offer any offline mode of gaming such as Poker. You can only play the online free fire.

Updates of the Free Fire Game

A new version of Free Fire, called Free Fire Max, is presently being developed as per the latest Garena free fire news. For the MENA area, the initial pre-registration for Free Fire Max is now open.

Garena Free Fire Game FAQs

How can I get free fire on my pc?

First and foremost, get Garena Free Fire download for PC. Using Winrar or another program, extract the Garena Free Fire Zip file. Install Bluestacks App Player on your computer and launch it. Drag and drop the Garena Free Fire APK into Bluestacks now.

How do I get free fire on my phone?

  • From your Android smartphone, go to Google Play Store and select the search option. Alternatively, search Google with the keywords “Garena free fire download for mobile” to get the direct link.
  • Go to the App Store and search for Free Fire, then hit the Install option.
  • On your Android smartphone, the game will be downloaded. You may use your Facebook or Google account to log in to the game.

Is there a new update in the Free Fire Game?

The free fire-new update will be available soon with all the bugs and errors fixed that were slowing down the game. The technical team is working on the same.

Does Adda52 Offer Garena Free Fire Games?

Adda52 does not host free-fire online games. This page is only for informational purposes.

Note – Adda52 does not host any Free Fire game in any format.

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