Start playing & earn benefits like never before !

  • As soon as you wager on ring games, you become a member of Adda52 Advantage
  • Adda52 Advantage has five clubs : Rookie Club, Jacks Den, Queens Haven, Kings Court and Acers Adda
  • Accumulate PGPs and claim your weekly Payoff (Rakeback) in Real Cash or Crowns
  • Play hands, streaks and complete game challenges to unlock crates and earn more crowns
  • Redeem your crowns at adda52 store for gadgets, bonuses, poker packages, luxury car and much more!

Adda52 Advantage step-by-step navigation guide:

  • Click on the Adda52 Advantage icon in the game lobby to access the dashboard
    1Club- This is your current club which is visible at the top-left of the screen. E.g. Jacks Den
    2Poker Game Points (PGPs)- Accumulate PGPs to climb up to next level as well as to claim the Payoff. Players can earn PGPs by wagering on cash tables. PGPs are calculated on weekly and monthly basis. Weekly PGPs are used to claim the Payoff. Monthly PGPs are used to climb up the club level and get reset on monthly basis.
    3Crowns- A crown signifies Adda52 Advantage currency. Crowns are rewarded when you open a crate. Every 5 crowns is equivalent to Rs.1. You can redeem the crowns at Adda52 store
    4Payoff- User can claim Payoff by earning the PGPs. As soon as user earns the required number of PGPs, the payoff box will be available to claim. Once the box is ready to claim, user will have the options to select the Payoff type to be credited in his account. User can either select Real Cash or Crowns to claim within the week or else payoff amount in real cash will be auto credited at the end of the week (i.e Saturday at 6:30 AM).
    5Rewards- Each crate is filled with benefits and has a unique set of criterias to be achieved. The benefits include Crowns & Tournament tickets.
    6Adda52 Store- Adda52 Store is an exclusive online store where you can redeem your crowns for some amazing items like - Instant Bonus, Poker Packages, Gadgets and much more!
  • On clicking 'Rewards' you'll see the following screen:
  • On clicking 'Adda52 Store' you'll see the following screens:
Customer Care
1800 572 0611
Monday - Sunday
12 PM to 10 PM
Customer Care
1800 572 0611
Monday - Sunday
12 PM to 10 PM

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