Adda52 and Taaza TV Celebrate Durga Puja Dandiya in Kolkata


Kolkata, India, October 10, 2013 – Those who think that Poker is only a serious card game involving a bunch of poker faced guys trying to win money should re-think their perception., India’s largest online poker site, is going to the Taaza Dandiya Nights in Kolkata from 11th to 13th October to promote the spirit of the game of poker and celebrate Durga Puja. This is a first of its kind initiative from any Indian poker site to celebrate the festive season with some Dandiya Raas, Durga Puja and lots of prizes.

Adda52 and Taaza TV celebrate Durga Puja Dandiya in Kolkata where participants can win 30 prizes per day during the 3 day event. All dandiya dancers can use their wrist band, which they will get after paying the entry fee, and can win many prizes like a Home Theatre, hoodies and poker decks. Anyone who will enter the dandiya ground will have a unique number on their wristband. These numbers will then be used for a draw of lots which will announce 30 winners in a day.

While there are 23 poker playing card decks, 4 T-Shirts, 2 Hoodies up for grabs, the biggest prize for the 3 day Dandiya Festival is a Home Theatre. Winners will be given coupon codes which they can use after signing up on Prizes can be claimed through these coupon codes. The best Dandiya of the season is now about to get even better with the flavor of the Diwali season as Adda52 gives off these poker goodies. So get in the festive mood with some Dandiya raas and win big with

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