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Kolkata, India, May 26, 2014 – Gaming should be fun, thrilling and without limitations. That is the mantra followed by So all you poker fans out there with an iPad, it is time to celebrate in style., India’s Largest Online Poker Site, is now available on Apple iPad. The ultimate poker fun with all its thrill and features now can be played anytime, anywhere.

Playing Poker on with iPad is easy. No need to go to App Store and spend time in searching & downloading any app. Just play like you did before on your desktop or laptop, by simply logging in to the portal from any web browser.

What iPad Version has to offer

With on iPad, players can enjoy freeroll and cash poker games on the go. Players can make payments, withdraw money, track their accounts and game play. Now play away lying in the comfort of your bed.

The launch of on iPad is nothing less than a boon for its loyal fan following across the country. The benefit of portability provided through iPad gives each player the freedom of enjoying poker from anywhere. You can play while watching a movie on your TV set or while travelling – the place really doesn’t matter now.

The iPad version of the portal offers the option of playing single table poker games to the players. But this is just the beginning.

What next to come on Adda52 Ipad version plans to bring more and more features for the iPad version of its game. Soon players will be able to play Multi Table Tournaments (MTT), enjoy sound features and faster games.

And that’s not all. In the pipeline is the implementation of a mobile portal, which would be live for players soon, both for rummy and poker. will be launching its poker game for Android and Windows platforms as well. The fun times are just beginning! Now Play & Win – On The Go!

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