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Kolkata, India, April 21, 2014 –, India’s Largest Online Poker Site organised a one of a kind ‘Poker Awareness Campaign’ called ‘Thank God its Funday’ in a renowned MNC in Gurgaon on 10th April 2014. The huge crowd including the staff of the MNC expressed enthusiasm over the poker game and wanted to learn through the gaming consoles set up by

Hundreds of staff of the MNC thronged to the kiosk set up by and wished to learn the poker game. This poker awareness campaign was an initiative by Adda52 to spread the good word of poker and mark the game’s assertiveness as a game of skill. While the footfall for the event was more than a 1000, about 150 participants were actively engaged.

Some of the activities done through the application developed by Adda52 were a probability game, freeroll games and poker quizzes. The probability game involved answering some poker related hand strength games on the Adda52 Application. The promoters also made the crowd play a poker quiz on the iPad and gave up Adda52 scratch cards as gratification to the participants. A kiosk was also set up where participants played online poker for 10 minutes against each other. Winners were given away Rs.100/500 scratch cards, poker decks, trophies and t-shirts.

Mohit Bansal, COO of who spoke to the crowd gathered for the event about the poker game said, “Poker is a game of skill and is fast becoming the most popular card game amongst the youth of the country. It pits your analytical mind along with your mathematical calculations against other player’s skills. It no longer is only for recreation but is a sharp exercise of the mind. We at Adda52, being the pioneers for online gaming in India have the onus on us to spread the word about poker in the country.”

He also announced that owing to the huge turnout for the event, will continue this initiative in various parts of the country. Poker education is on our agenda, Bansal continued and we will continue to move across the length of the country to spread poker awareness amongst people.

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