7 Lucky Poker Players of Adda52 headed to play in IPC, Colombo

Kolkata, India, September 5, 2013 – The four week long poker tourney, organized at Adda52, finally came to an end on 24th Aug. and seven lucky players are now cutting their teeth for the IPC main event to be held at Bally’s casino, Colombo (Sri Lanka).

The Indian online poker portal, Adda52 organized first of its kind “IPC Colombo Satellites Freeroll” which took place on 27th July, 10th August, 17th August & 24th August at 10 PM respectively. The winners of this weekly freeroll were offered a paid trip to Sri Lanka and a direct entry to the IPC main event.

The top 3 finishers of each weekly tourney were rewarded with the awesome IPC package which included -

1st place – IPC Colombo Main Event seat worth INR 25,000 + INR 25,000
2nd place – IPC Colombo tournament ticket worth INR 10,000
3rd place – IPC Colombo tournament ticket worth INR 5,000

Hundreds of players fought to grab the IPC main event ticket and seven of them have a chance to visit the island country Sri Lanka. The seven players who will be heading for the Colombo event are –

1. Keerthan Gowda G (user id - rahulj)
2. Sriram Gajendran (user id - sgajendr)
3. Vikas Jethnani (user id - luke1)
4. Tushar Makhija (user id - tushmakster)
5. Govardhanan R (user id - RGRG)
6. Abhishek Garg (user id - durrrsucks)
7. Pulkit Goyal (user id - poker_life)

As per the players, all of them are quite excited & looking forward to the main event. “I hope both Adda52 & IPC will continue such events in partnership as it will provide a proper platform to all passionate poker players.” said one of them.

“We are very excited to be associated with the India Poker Championship and believe this is a tremendous opportunity for poker players to win Main Event seats and airfare packages for IPC Colombo,” said Anuj Gupta, Chief Executive Officer of Adda52.

Adda52 will keep track of how these players fair at Colombo so keep watching this space for latest updates on IPC.

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