Adda52 Player of the Year Ends with Interesting Highlights & Tarun Goyal as POY Champion

Another booming year of poker has passed at, India’s largest poker site known for bringing up exciting things for poker players in India. Adding more to the excitement of players, this year the poker site launched its ‘Player of the Year Leaderboard’ from January’16 to December’16 with over Rs. 55 lacs up for grabs.It was for the first time that a poker site launched the ‘Player of the Year Leaderboard’ to measure and award the most successful poker players in India based on their performances and points they earned via various cash games and tournaments on the leaderboard. 

The ‘Adda52 Player of the Year’ got an overwhelming response. It received a plenty of attention from players in the country, attracting a large number of participants to battle it out for over Rs. 55 lacs in prize money, which was distributed among top players on monthly and yearly basis as per their performances and points they earned across several cash games and tournaments on the Leaderboard. While there were many online players who came up and down on the leaderboard, we saw an interesting fight between Bothras (Deepak Bothra) and aggtarun (Tarun Goyal). After a tough race with Bothra through the year, Tarun finally emerged winner of the Adda52 POY 2016 in the end. 

The DPT 10K Kickoff Champion, Tarun had absolutely a stellar year with several cashes and victories across several Leaderboard games, becoming the first Adda52 Player of the Year ( POY) 2016. His victory however was not easy. He had to battle it hard with some tough players on the Leaderboard. While Tarun led for a majority of the year, Bothras (Deepak Bothras) stayed very close. Eventually, Tarun ended the year as the winner of 2016 Player of the Year with 3501 points, claiming a whopping 11.4 Lacs in prize money, while Bothras (3436) got 7.2 Lacs for his 2nd place finish on the Leaderboard. 

Another online player who outshined at the tables was badtameez_donk (Siddarth Singhvi). After his several in the money finishes at the Deltin Poker Tournament in Panjim, Goa, Siddarth joined in the  the Adda52 POY leaderboard and managed to claim the 3rd spot with 2722 points, wining 5.2 lacs for his efforts. Both ankitjain09 and pokemon13 also fought hard but ended it up finishing 4th and 5th respectively for 4.1 lacs and 3 lacs in prize money. A total 39 lacs in prize money was distributed among top 15 players for their stellar performances and the points they earned by competing in various cash games and tournaments listed under the 2016 Player of the Year ( POY) Leaderboard. 

Top 15 Players Given 39 Lacs in Prize Money. Here is the List of Payouts:

 #1- aggtarun - 11.4 Lacs

#2- bothras - 7.2 Lacs

#3- badtameez_donk - 5.2 Lacs

#4- ankitjain09 - 4.1 Lacs

#5- pokemon13 - 3 Lacs

#6- gameank123 - 2.2 Lacs

#7- Amit030 - 1.5 Lacs

#8- Sidddhu - 1.2 Lacs

#9- monish1965 - 45K

#10- Peacelover - 60K

#11- bhola - 30K

#12- rohanrishi - 60K

#13- ayush706 - 50K

#14- homelite - 25K

#15- doodlebug - 50K

The ‘2016 Player of the Year ( POY) Leaderboard’ by was welcomed and appreciated by poker enthusiasts all across India. As a new and unique platform for Indian poker fraternity with big prizes and some additional rewards and benefits, the inaugural ‘Player of the Year’ proved big success and concluded with some interesting highlights in the end, awarding top 15 players 39 lacs in prize money. All poker layers who rank among Top 200 of 2016 POY will be given entry to 4 exclusive freeroolls on the poker site where they will stand their chance to win big money. The benefits don’t end here, the top 200 of 2016 POY will also be given entry into 2017 DPT Main Event Freerolls where they will be able to win the Main Event seats of the Deltin Poker Tournament ( DPT) all across 2017.

The year 2016 has been really big and will be remembered as a landmark in online poker history of India. We saw a huge participation in the Adda52 POY Leaderbaord for 2016. It was a great time all through the year with several players jumping up and down the Leaderboard. We saw some big jumpers and dippers. Finally, the biggest jumper who etched his name as the winner of Adda52 2016 was Tarun Goyal. As it has been successful in the year 2016, continues its ‘Player of the Year Race for 2017’ with some exciting prizes. The details for the same will be coming up very soon. 

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