Adda52 Launches Angular Based Software to Enhance Your Gaming Experience

If you are looking for ways to enhance your poker game playing experience then you have landed at the right page as is India’s best online platform to play poker. This online poker site has also earned a reputation among the online poker playing fraternity because of its consistent efforts in introducing something new to boost up the poker game playing experience. No matter whether you are a novice online poker player or an amateur poker player, keeps in mind the interests and requirements of everyone while introducing new features or advanced functionalities to its online poker game playing software named Adda52 Angular.

Carrying forward this legacy of introducing new features for a better poker playing experience, has come up with yet another upgrade of its Adda52 Angular software allowing online poker game players to get the maximum out of their game play. Now the gaming site has introduced 5 significant features such as Cascade and Tile View feature, MTT Lobby Design, Hot Keys in global setting, Loyalty Earned information, and Hand Strength in Omaha. Let’s go ahead and get to know about these 5 newly introduced features of Adda52 Angular one by one.

  1. Cascade and Tile View: If you are the one who prefers to play 6 or more tables at a time while playing online poker game then there is good news for you as the new software upgrade includes an improvised multi-table game play. The Cascade View feature enables a player to gain access to all the open tables by opening them in separate windows. On the other hand, if you are the one who usually play online poker game on your smartphone or laptop while on the go then there is the Tile View. The Tile View feature enables a player to arrange all the open tables in a tile format for better viewing on a mobile device. So this new user-friendly feature of Cascade and Tile View is definitely going to make your online multi-table poker game playing experience more enjoyable in a hassle-free environment. In short, with the introduction of this feature you can try your luck on multiple tables while playing multiple online poker game tournaments simultaneously.
  2. MTT Lobby Design: Now you need not to worry about gaining access to the important information related to the game while playing Adda52 poker games online as the recent upgrade of Adda52 Angular software offers a completely new lobby design. The new lobby design offers seamless access to cash games, ongoing poker tournaments, and information about players who have qualified for various events. Not only this, with this white colour themed lobby design you can also get to know about all the ongoing online poker tournaments and hide in the background the poker tournaments that have ended. With this ease of viewing the currently played poker tournaments, you can easily choose the tournament that you wish to be a part of.
  3. Hot Keys in Global Setting: If you don’t like using a mouse or feel that the mouse is slowing you down then the provision of Hotkeys in Global Settings is definitely going to be one of the new features that you are going to appreciate. The hot keys will help online poker players to set their actions on the poker table in advance, and use the keys to perform certain tasks such as making a call, increasing or decreasing bet, checking, folding, raising, stacking table, etc.
  4. Loyalty Earned Information: In this recently upgraded version of Adda52 software, you can easily gain access to the information about the loyalty points earned by you while playing the online poker game. The loyalty point earned information can be viewed on the header of the poker game table itself. In short, you are saved from visiting the website page again and again to view the loyalty points earned by you as now it would be available right on the top of the poker game table.
  5. Hand Strength in Omaha Games: With this latest upgrade of Adda52 software, online Adda52 community poker game players can easily determine the strength of their hands. Once you are aware of the strength of starting hand, you can easily make your mind to take the appropriate action. This will help you in maximizing your chances of winning the game.

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