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Keeping up with its reputation for the best poker promotions in India, is here again with one of its biggest Poker tournaments known as Poker Millionaire Tour (PMT). As the name suggests, this tour promises to create millionaires with a prize pool of Rs.1.3 Crores. The PMT tournament is kicking off on 1st September with the start of Indian festive season and will have its finale in early 2015 with the third season of ‘Player of the Series’ (POY) event. The surprises are not over yet as players will have another mega event in this series ‘Diwali Dhamaka’ that has bumper prize of Rs.27 Lakhs.

This ‘Poker Tour’ tournament is designed to cater the Poker players of all tastes so they will find variety in the game formats. There are Texas Hold’em Freezout events, Texas Hold’em Rebuy events, and Pot Limit Omaha Freezout and Rebuy events in this series. With variety in entry fees and big winning amounts, is organizing the events on every 1st, 2nd, and 4th weeks of September to December. The series will have its climax tournaments on the holidays of Christmas and New Year with the closing event on 03rd of January’2015 by declaring ‘Player of the Year’ season 3.

The 1st week of every month will have three games of Texas Hold’em Freezout, Texas Hold’em Rebuy (2/1/1), and Pot Limit Omaha Freezout with buy-ins as low as Rs.800 and as high as Rs.1500 but if a player gets entry through satellite then that is his/her added advantage. The satellites for this tournament are starting from 05th of September whereas the total prize pool that a player can take home is up to 5 Lakhs.

Week 2 of every month will again have three events with buy-ins of Rs.800, Rs.1000, and Rs.3500. In these events, the players have chance to win whopping amount of up to Rs.8 Lakh. During this week, the players will have Texas Hold’em Freezout, Texas Rebuy (2/1/1), and PLO Freezout tournament types with satellite starting from Rs.350 only.  

Following this trend, the last week of every month that is week 4 will offer huge prize pool of Rs.12 Lakhs in total to its players. This week of all 4 months will host Texas Hold’em Freezout, Texas Rebuy (2/1/1), and PLO Rebuy (2/1/1) events with entry fees varying from Rs.1000 to Rs.3500. The satellite tournaments for this will run throughout the month with buy-in as low as Rs.350.

With the boom of this festive season, the season of cards will also gear up as the organizers of PMT are introducing their festive bonanza as Diwali Dhamaka. The payers are allowed to flaunt their Poker skills in 5 events of Texas Hold’em’s Freezout and Rebuy (2/1/1) formats with huge prize pool of Rs.27 Lakhs. The satellites for Diwali Dhamaka as well will start from September with buy-in starting from Rs.150 only.

Even after all this, the Poker enthusiasts are not allowed to take rest as the ‘Player of the Year’ series with its third season is waiting for them. The main event of POY finale will be on 3rd of December with prize pool of Rs.7Lakhs. In this series, the winners of all 38 events that are running across September to December will automatically participate. However, for other loyal players of, they have to surrender their 7Lakh Loyalty Points or participate in the qualifying satellites to be the part of it.

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