Dhaval Mudgal wins Adda52-APT Satellite, flies to Manila

Kolkata, India, September 23, 2013Dhaval Mudgal proved what a rockstar he is as he musically paved his way to the big APT Prize packet winning the first ever Adda52 and APT Manila satellite. The finals that were conducted on Friday, 20th Sep. saw Dhaval ‘dirtyzoso’ Mudgal win a crafty poker tournament overcoming 31 others. He won the APT Package worth Rs. 3 Lakhs which include airfare to Manila and buy-ins to five major events at the upcoming APT Series, Manila.

Adda52 had organized these three-tier satellites from 9th to 20th Sep. These satellites were hosted for the APT Series Manila, to be held from October 9th 2013. While Step one with a buy-in of Rs.100 took place from 9th to 18th Sept; Step 2 with winners from Step 1 and buy-in of Rs.1000 was held between 18th to 20th Sept. The mega finale took place on 20th Sept at 10 PM and included 11 qualifiers from Step 2 along with 20 others who used the direct buy-in of Rs. 10K.

Action started off on 4 tables & the tournament went on for 3 hours. The final table bubble burst around midnight and lasted for another hour. The three finalists namely neeru786, luckyspewy and dirtyzoso looked in contention of winning at one point or the other. Jasven ‘luckyspewy’ Saigal finished at third place and won Rs.20000 while neeru786 won Rs.30000 & finished at second place.

Now, Dhaval will be heading to Manila for the Asian Poker Tournament series which is going to starts on Oct 9 and will go on for a week. As a part of the Adda52 and APT Manila satellite, Dhaval has won buy-ins to the Main Event, High Rollers Event, Head Hunters Event, No Limit Hold’em and Six Handed Event where he can win from a prize pool of Rs. 2 Crore.

Congratulations to the three winners of the Adda52-APT Manila Satellite and Best of Luck to Dhaval Mudgal!

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