Meet Amit Kumar- the Winner of Adda52 Millions Main Event Winner

The last Sunday of the April month brought up a big opportunity for poker players to rise and shine in the biggest online tournament of the month- Adda52 Millions Main Event, which was a 1 re-entry tourney and had a huge INR 25 Lac in the guaranteed prize pool for a buy-in of INR 11000. The event drew a total of 190 entrants to the virtual felts and after several hours of the play, it was Amit Kumar (Amit030) who won the title for INR 675000 after beating Emraan Khan (strpkr95) in heads-up game.

We caught up with Amit Kumar to talk about his grand success. Here are excerpts from the interview:

First of all, congratulations on winning Adda52 Millions Main Event! For our readers who don’t know much about you, please introduce yourself and tell us about your poker journey?

Amit- Me and my friends used to play micro stacks during graduation and one of them told me about I started playing online with really small amount of Rs.100 and made my bankroll on itself. Although I had some down swings initially, but I think, experience made me better day by day and I started winning on regular basis which really helped me in moving up the stacks.

Coming back to Adda52 Millions Main Event, how does it feel after winning such a big online tourney?

Amit- Winning even a small tournament makes me happy. But when it comes to winning the biggest GTD tourney of, then no doubt, it’s a very special moment for me.

How was the field and what do you think propelled you to the top?

Amit- It was really a tough field with some regular players and well known pros. In the last twenty players, kunal Patni and Manoj Pentakota who finished 3rd were also there but I was sticking to my plan. When I was at the 3rd or 4th places out of the 20 remaining players, shipping the tourney was the only target for me. I didn't lose my patience till the end and I think that helped me to come on to the top.

What was your turning point in this tournament?

Amit-I was at about 20th position out of 45 remaining players and at that time one guy raised 3x and I flatted it with A-A. He bet twice on the flop K-2-2 and on turn 6 I moved all-in and he called. I got much needed double up moving up to 4th position. After that, I never became short stacked, so I guess, that was the hand that turned the game my way.

You beat Emraan Khan (strpkr95) in heads-up. Could you describe your heads up game play?

Amit- He was having more than double chips compared to me when we entered heads-up. However, I was confident about my game after observing him playing as we were on the same table in the tourney for longer duration and I also played with him in High Roller 2 days back. We didn't have too many hands in heads-up game because I hit a set of deuces in an un-raised pot. Actually,he fired 2 barrels putting him on a pair flush draw and I moved all-in, which surprisingly he called it with middle pair only and now the situation was reverse. Two hands later, he hit three of a kind on the river and I hit full house and that was the final hand.

How much poker do you play on an average?

Amit- Since the last 2 to 3 months, I have been playing less poker but before that, to be very honest, it was about 13-14 hours a day.

Whom do you idealize in poker, both in India and internationally?

Amit- Internationally, it is Phil Ivey. At present, India is also having really good players and I always try to learn from them.

How do you spend your time when not playing poker?

Amit- Well discussing with friends about the hands I played or they played is all I do whenever I get free from my busy schedule.

What is your one poker dream you would like achieve in 2017?

Amit- Before this , winning this tournament was one of my dreams but yeah I want to improve my game and skills for future and hence wish to win few more such big tournaments.

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