Play for INR 45 Lac GTD & Up to 50% TDS Back in Two Biggest Events

Adda52’ popular Millions Series featuring a whopping INR 1.5 crore GTD along with exciting prizes across its leaderboard, fantasy league, and various contests is currently underway. While the series has been a huge success, the coming days are going to be bigger and better with INR 20 Lac GTD High Roller on and INR 25 Lac GTD Main Event, both super-value events with INR 45 Lacs in the cumulative prizepool along with upto 50% TDS back to players who finish in the money across these tournaments.

Given below are the major highlights of the upcoming High Roller and Main Event in Millions Series:

20 Lac GTD High Roller (At 9:30 PM- Friday, 24th November):

  • A super-value tourney at INR 22K buy-in for high roller lovers with a hefty INR 20 Lac GTD
  • Players finishing as ITMs upto 50% TDS back + enough points for the Series Leaderboard
  • A deep-structured event with a starting stack of 30,000 with blinds starting from 50/100
  • Features an exclusive LMS contest wherein the winner receives 25K instant bonus(IB)

25 Lac GTD Main Event ( At 8 PM -Sunday, 26th November):

  • Biggest prizepool event at just INR 5.5K buy-in that promises INR 25 Lac prizepool
  • A well-structured tourney with a starting stack of 25,000 and 2 re-entries allowed
  • Players will also get Adda52 POY and Adda52 Millions Series Leaderboard points
  • Promises 50% TDS back to players who finish in the money in this tournament
  • Has a special LMS Contest where the winner receives 25K instant bonus (IB)
  • Features Bubble Insurance &Last Re-entry contests with buy-in back in prizes

So, buckle up for the big days coming ahead in Millions Series to win your share from INR 45 Lacs!

For the additional details and information about upcoming events, please check out this link HERE!

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