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Showdown 2018
Showdown 2018

Adda52 : Interview with Winner     


Heads up with Sumit Sehgal: Winner of ‘Fly to Vegas’ Winner

After a long battle for winning a entry to the $10,000 Main Event of the world’s largest poker tournament in Las Vegas, The‘Fly to Vegas’ Promotion has finally come to an end. Of the 25 players who participated in the Finale Event of ‘Fly to Vegas’ Promotion, 27 year old Sumit Sehgal (User Name: Sumit35891) has emerged as the winner beating Ishwar Sundaram (User Name: Gawwd) in the finale event. 27 year old Sumit will now be flying to Vegas this summers to rub shoulders with the biggest poker players of the world.

In a conversation with, Sumit talks about this exclusive opportunity to play in Las Vegas and his poker plans for the future.

  1. Hi Sumit, thanks for talking to us. Firstly congratulations on winning the ‘Fly to Vegas’ Tournament. For our readers who don’t know much about you, please tell us how you got into playing poker? Or your poker journey till date...

    I started playing poker in 2007. I played online for an year, and later shifted to playing poker on Facebook. I trained myself on the basics of poker on Facebook. Then one day while surfing the net, I came across an advertisement of I clicked on it and was directed to their site. Then I started playing in real cash. I am one of the oldest poker players of Apart from this, I have played live poker once in Macau, and twice in Goa. Poker as a skilled game has always attracted me. I am a good poker player but not a poker pro as I am still learning this game.

  2. How do you feel right now - excited, intimidated, terrified?

    I am excited as I would get to experience poker at the world’s biggest poker tournament for the first time in my life.

  3. How did you qualify for the ‘Fly to Vegas’ tournament?

    I qualified for Fly to Vegas Tournament through loyalty points. I played cash games between Dec 28 to Jan 17, accumulated loyalty points and made entry to the finale of this tournament.

  4. In ‘Fly to Vegas’ Tournament, you have been a tough performer. Which hand was your turning point in this tournament?

    While playing the finale, I got lucky on one hand when I received hole cards 7, 8 and my opponent held A,10. It was this hand when I flopped two pairs and built up a solid stack.

  5. How was your heads-up match against first runner-up Gawwd (Ishwar Sundaram)?

    The heads-up match against Gawwd was challenging as he is a tough player and plays aggressively. He is no doubt a better poker player than me. But it was my day and I won.

  6. Could you share the final hand which won you this tournament? What were your hole cards in the heads up round with Gawwd (Ishwar Sundaram)?

    In the final hand of play, I held Pocket 5s and Gawwd was dealt A 9. After the flop was dealt, I re-raised but Gawwd went all-in. Finally, the board ran in my favor with 5-7-4-7-4.

  7. Your heads-up match with Gawwd lasted for almost an hour. And, initially you had a stack of approx 50, 000 in comparison to 2,00,000 stack of Gawwd. So, what hands helped you succeed in this tournament?

    At one stage I was holding approx 48, 000 chips. In one of the games I was dealt A 10 and Gawwd was dealt Pocket 8s. After a raise and re-raise on the flop, I went all-in during turn because of low chip stack. However, when the board ran K-5-K-Q-Q, I was overjoyed with the win, and had doubled up.

  8. Have you ever played at international level physical tournaments?

    No, I have never played live tournaments. This would be the first time I would be playing at any international poker tournament.

  9. Does your family favor poker?

    Yes, my family supports poker playing. My elder brother is in the US and quite often plays poker. Even my mother loves the game. She was sitting next to me and supporting me while I was playing ‘Fly to Vegas’ tournament.

  10. Have you prepared your Vegas wish-list yet?

    No planned wish-list yet. But I have already got a big shopping list from my family and friends.

  11. Do you have any suggestions for Adda52 to improve the game play experience for poker players?

    My poker playing experience on Adda52 has been superb. Adda52 is a great site, and I would suggest them to run more tournaments on their site.

  12. Do you feel poker has potential to make it as a sport in India?

    Yes, poker may emerge as a sport in India because its popularity is growing day-by-day; and large number of players are now playing poker in comparison to other card games.

  13. What do you do when not playing Poker?

    I am a businessman from Panipat, Haryana.

  14. Do you play any other card game?

    I play Teen Patti but only on occasion of Diwali with my family and friends.

  15. Is poker a long-term or short-term grind for you?

    Poker is of-course my long-term grind. Presently, I am mastering poker skills by reading poker tutorials, watching videos of poker experts and playing online poker tournaments.

  16. What is your next poker milestone?

    My upcoming poker milestone is playing at world’s prestigious poker tournament in Las Vegas. And this dream is coming true, thanks to Adda52. After playing at this tournament, I do have plans to take part in live tournaments happening in India and abroad. I am already training myself for playing poker in a disciplined manner on international platforms.

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