Tournaments Rule hosts a wide range of tournaments which you can play with buy-ins of Freeroll chips, Real Cash, Loyalty points or by using exclusive tourney tickets. There are certain rules applicable to every tournament running at Adda52 which you may go through in below points.

  1. All Tournaments at are played in Texas Holdem Freeze-out format, unless otherwise mentioned. The tournaments with Rebuy and Add-on options are well indicated in the lobby.
  2. Multiple players from the same IP address are not allowed to participate in the same tournament. Adda52 holds no liability in case players from same IP address are disqualified after the tournament starts.
  3. Players are automatically seated on random tables at the start of the game. Again while merging the tables, players are picked in a random order.
  4. In rare cases, a player who had just posted Big Blind (BB), might be shifted to a newer table wherein he/she needs to post BB again. However, this happens only in unavoidable circumstances.
  5. In all paid tournaments, players will be allowed unlimited time to join the table. However,their SB, BB and Ante will be posted in each round, till their chip stack becomes zero.
  6. In case of Disconnection in paid tournaments, players can join back anytime till tournament is in running state. However, their SB, BB and Ante will be posted, if applicable, till their chip stack becomes zero.
  7. In all Paid tournaments where the individual winning amount is above Rs 10000, TDS @30% will be liable as per Govt. of India Regulations. Players will be issued Form 16 after submitting their PAN Card number.
  8. Players can't register for new tournaments Or unregister from their registered tournaments 25 seconds prior to tournament's start time. Non-registered players can, however, register late once the tournament starts if allowed as per the tournament rules.
  9. If two or more players are eliminated on the same hand, a player with more chips at the start of the hand finishes higher than a player with fewer chips. In case of the equal stack, If two or more players are eliminated on the same hand and If the prize cannot be distributed equally, player(s) might get 1 RS more than other player(s). If prize is ticket then 1 player will get ticket, this is intentional as ticket cannot be split. Player 1st in the list of eliminated players list will get the ticket. At the start of the tourney we make a list of all players. This list is made in random order. Basis on this order Ticket will be given to first player according to that list. In case of odd prize amount also the remainder will be given to the first player. This list is made by the system and stored in the Datebase

Moreover, few specific rules applicable to certain tournaments can be viewed by clicking “Tourney Rules” in the particular tournament lobby.

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