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Basics of 13 Card Indian Rummy


Before starting the Rummy Journey, let us learn some basic rules of Online Rummy Game.

Number of Players

Typically, 2 to 6 players can play a round of Rummy. Two deck of cards is used for 2 players and also for 4 players. If there are more than 4 players, three decks of cards would have to be used.

One deck of cards is the customary 52-card deck with four suits of 13 cards each. Some like to include the wild cards as well, taking the count to 54 cards.

The Game

The dealer of the game is chosen arbitrarily for the first round. After that, the deal interchanges if there are only two players and in case of more than two players, the deal can move clockwise.

All the players are distributed 13 cards face down (hence also the name - 13 card rummy). The residual number of cards is placed in the centre of the table and is know as the stock pile or the draw pile. The topmost card from this pile is opened and placed next to the draw pile indicating the discard pile.

Beginning with the first player, every player, then, follows the draw and discard rule.

    • The player draws only one card, either from the top of the stock pile or the top of the discard pile.

      The cards of the discard pile are visible to all players and the stock pile is placed face down. Hence, if a player draws a card from the stock pile, the opponents will never know which card he/she has got.

    • After a careful inspection of all the cards, including the card drawn, the player must dispose one card. This card is placed as an open card to the top as the uppermost card of the discard pile.

The Goal

The final aim of Indian Rummy is to be the first to be able to arrange all your cards into valid groups as per the rules of the game. Traditional rules of Indian Rummy say the 13 cards should be arranged into groups of 3, 3, 3 and 4 cards. The groups can be either sequences or sets.

A sequence of cards means that they should be in order and of the same suit. For example, 2-3-4 of clubs is a valid sequence; 2 club - 3 spade - 4 club is an invalid sequence. A set, on the other hand, means group of similar cards, irrespective of their suits. For example, 6 heart - 6 club - 6 spade is a valid set.

In case of two or more decks of cards being used, two cards of the same suit cannot be used to make a set. For example, 6 heart - 6 heart – 6 club cannot make a valid set.

In Indian Rummy, the usual rule is that out of the 4 groups of cards, at least two must be sequences and one sequence should be with pure cards i.e no jokers used.

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