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13 Card Marriage Rummy     


How to Play 13 Card Marriage Rummy


All of us have come across various formats and variants of rummy and among them the 13 Card Marriage Rummy is the newest and perhaps the most interesting version.

PLAYERS – Number of players in this game ranges from two to six.


DECK(s) – For each Rummy game, 3 decks are used wherein each deck is a regular pack of 52 cards with 2 jokers (wild cards).



Each player is dealt with 13 cards. The dealer of the game can be chosen at random and the deal moves in a clockwise direction after each round.



The objective of the game is to dispose of all the cards in hand.



For a valid declaration, a player needs to form at least one pure sequence (set of consecutive cards of same suit without using any joker).

 Next, a player should have another sequence, which could be either pure or impure. An impure sequence is a set of cards of the same suit, including jokers.

Remaining cards can be organized into valid sets (cards of the same face value but different suites) or sequences. These sets/sequences can either be a pure or impure sequence or a set of the same face value cards.

Three consecutive value cards make a marriage and hold 50 points. Trinala is considered a pure sequence. Trinala of value cards is also considered a pure sequence.



After the dealing of cards is complete, a card from the deck is taken at random, that serves as the joker for the game. A joker card is essential as it can be used as a substitute for any missing card to form an impure set/sequence. The rest of the cards are placed face down and become the closed pile.

All cards of rank similar to that of the joker's, in any suit, are also considered jokers and termed as Cut Joker. There are in total 4 cut jokers per deck. There are also two Paper Jokers in each deck of rummy. They don't have any face value, but can also be used as a substitute for any card.

Beside this, the value cards can also serve as jokers and each of them has a value of 10 points.



Once all cards are dealt, players can sort their cards accordingly. The game play can be segmented into three easy steps, namely: draw, discard and melding.

  • Draw - Each player has to draw one card at a time either from the stock or the discarded pile.
  • Discard - Players have to discard one card at a time from their hand onto the discarded pile.
  • Melding - Cards have to be grouped into various approved combinations of RUN (cards of same suit in sequence) and SET (cards of different ranks in different suits).

Each player in his turn has to draw a card either from the stock or from the discarded pile and has to discard a card from hand at once. A card can be used only once either in a set or in a run.

If the stock pile runs out, a new stock can be created at the same time by taking away the topmost card of the discarded pile and placing the remaining cards face down after proper shuffling.



  • For a valid declaration, a player must have at least 2 runs/sequences out of which one run has to be a pure sequence (no wild cards). The other one can have wild cards.
  • The player who is the first to meld all the cards appropriately will be declared the winner.


Once a player has arranged all the in-hand cards into valid sets/sequences, the player can declare in the game. While declaring, the player needs to select & meld the cards into right combinations & then send them for Validation.

The player has limited time duration to meld the cards & send them. That time duration is visible to all players on the screen.

The player who declares correctly is declared the winner of the game. The penalty of 80 points is allotted for invalid declaration. The points of all players are calculated in accordance with the rummy points system and the player with minimum points wins the game.



Players can drop out of the game anytime to save their points. The points allocated for a drop vary as per the game variant & the time of the drop –

  • Initial drop – 20 points (No value cards honoured)
  • Middle drop – 50 points (all value cards honoured)
  • On Exit room – 80 points (No value cards honoured)

In case of Declaration in the first round, players who did not get the chance for their first turn will have Maximum of Middle Drop deduction + value cards in 21 card rummy. 

Player exits the Room without dropping  his hand (after the cards are distributed), Full Hand here will be deducted for that particular player.

A set is only valid when it has 4 or less than 4 (which is 3) cards.
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