Rummy for Rummy Professionals


It’s evident that you have grown up as far as playing Rummy is concerned but there is always scope for improvement. Isn’t it? Here, in this section, you can enhance your game playing skills by reading the following points mentioned in Rummy Skills and Rummy School Sections and then surely can transform yourself into an avid Rummy Professional.

Rummy Skills

The game of Rummy is quite well known, easy to learn and can be played for fun anytime and anywhere. But if one wants to play the game competently, it requires a great deal of talent and expertise. More...

Rummy School

Now you can perfect yourself and your rummy playing skills by learning the following lessons taught at the Rummy School offered by
Even if you know how to play the Rummy Game, still you can enhance your skills by visiting this section of our site. More...

Tips and Strategies

In the game of Rummy, the player is expected to exercise skill, have undivided focus and use tricks in every single round. The game’s direction is determined by the player’s judgments and actions, which are based on their assessment and evaluation of other players and the cards in their hands in comparison to the cards supposedly held by others. More...

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