Popular Card Games in India – Know it before you play!

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January 21st, 2016 04:57

The origin of card games in India can be traced to the beginning of the Mughal rule in the country. Card games, in medieval India, were taken to be a sole privilege or luxury of the royal class and more specifically the female section of the royalty. In modern times, however, card games have become immensely popular all over the world, especially among youngsters who have found a new interest in these games.

Popular card games in India include Twenty-nine, Rummy, Bluff, Poker, Bridge, Donkey, Satti pe Satti or 7 on 7, Judgment, Saath-Aath or 7-8, Paanch Teen Do or 5-3-2, Court Piece and so on. Teen Patti and Paplu are also extremely famous card games in India. Most games in India are played for leisure but back in villages and even towns, people do betting for money and other items to extract extra excitement of these card games.

Games like Donkey, Judgment, 7 on 7 can be played with any number of players while Rummy, Court KOT need four players. Twenty nine is also played with 4 people but with a pack of thirty-two cards. Teen Patti is a game which necessarily includes betting and is quite similar to the British card game Three Card Brag. Judgment is also a different version of the internationally acclaimed game Oh Hell. Court Piece which is a game based on partnerships.

Regional Games
There are certain games which are specific to certain geographical territories. A refined card game named Literature, belonging to the Quartet group of games, is played in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. In western India, a trick-taking game called Mendikot is played where the objective is to capture the tens of each suit. Another game where the players need to capture tens is called Dehla Pakkad, played in Northern India. Seep, or Sweep as it is more popularly called, is a betting-related fishing game and is quite famous in the Northern parts of the country.

Thus most games played in India have their international counterparts as well. Though it is difficult to tell if the world took it from India or if India took it from the outer world, still card games in India have a charm of their own.

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