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Welcome to the exciting world of Online Poker at Adda52. Play with CHRIS GAYLE and Poker players across the country; and see if you have it in you to outsmart them. Use your mind to the edge of its abilities, and more. It’s the perfect place to increase your intelligence which is after all your true wealth! So, go ahead and #BanaoDimaagKoAmeer. The more you play, the sharper you become.

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Adda52 understands how important it is to safeguard your privacy. We use 128-bit encryption to ensure maintaining the confidentiality and security of the information you share with us. Adda52 is RNG certified by iTech labs, Australia for safe and legitimate gameplay.

Adda52 Advantage

Adda52 Advantage is a unique loyalty program tailored exclusively for our regular players. Earn great benefits and CRAZY returns such as rakebacks, huge bonuses, tournaments tickets, travel packages, and much more! Join the weekly challenges to increase your loyalty level and win fabulous rewards!


With more than 20 lac registered users, Adda52 is India’s largest online gaming platform which has established amicable relationships with players and achieved several milestones. More than 51 tables are open 24x7 to enjoy unlimited poker action. Adda52 hosts the biggest online poker tournaments in the industry with highly lucrative prize-pools (distributed more than INR 18,00,00,000 in tournament prizes till now).

Learn & Play Poker With Adda52

Check out our how to play poker video and take a tutorial to get started with your poker journey. Get in-depth information about poker game rules, hand ranking, betting structures, and much more.

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Stay connected with your favorite game to put your poker skills to test anywhere you go. It’s time to make your gaming experience more exciting and entertaining by downloading Adda52 app on Android or iOS devices. The latest versions of desktop software Windows and Macintosh are also available to enjoy playing free and real money poker games anytime and anywhere. Regardless of whether you are traveling, at work, or at home, Adda52 app is your most loyal and trusted companion.

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Latest Promotions

Big Slick

Big Slick

Up your Ante, go full throttle and walk away with a grand prize in the Big Slick tournament every Sunday at 5 PM. Play to win from a whooping prizepool of Rs. 15 Lac for just Rs. 2200!

Meet Adda52 Pros

They come from all walks of life yet they have one thing in common - their passion for poker. They are the masters of the game who are recognized globally for their top-notch performances and jaw-dropping dominance on the poker felt. These players don’t possess any ‘supernatural gifts’; yet with their determination, expertise & positive attitude, they are defying all odds and continuing to bedazzle the poker world. We are excited to introduce to you Adda52 pros who, with their talent and verve, are making poker tables a gaming mecca. Here’s who they are.

    Bollywood Actor & Celebrity Pro
    Private Banker turned Poker Pro
    Poker Professional
    Poker Professional

Testimonials From Our Players

poker player testimonial

Thank you very much ADDA52, This was my first Big Tournament in which I secured 3rd place, I can't say anything Right now as my poker journey just started...Hopping many more on the way.

poker player testimonial
Rahul Jain

Really good Tournaments. the best and most comfortable user interface after trying many other online poker apps in India.

poker player testimonial
Akshay Chandra Paliwal

For me poker is not just a game it's way of living I learn from the game. This game actually teach me how to move ahead in life. To achieve success.

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