Online Poker Tournaments In India

Online Poker Tournaments In India


Adda52 offers some of the best online poker tournaments in India. This blog will guide you through the different poker games available on the Adda52 app and website, providing insights into tournament structures, entry fees, formats, and more. 

Learn everything you need to navigate the dynamic poker tournament scene, make informed decisions, and elevate your poker skills.

List of Online Poker Tournaments

Explore a variety of poker tournaments on the Adda52 website and app, with minimal buy-ins and the chance to win massive cash prizes:

  • Featured tournaments: High-stakes competitions with impressive prize pools, attracting seasoned players seeking intense competition.
  • Freeroll tournaments: Entry point for beginners to hone their skills without any buy-in.
  • Guaranteed tournaments: Ensures a minimum prize pool, offering exciting rewards regardless of the number of participants.
  • Satellite tournaments: Strategic pathways for players to qualify for major events.

Weekly Poker Tournaments

Tournament Name Day/Date Prize
Iron Man Monday ₹800000
Iron Man Lite Monday ₹70000
The Mint Tuesday ₹1400000
The Mint Lite Tuesday ₹130000
Maverick Wednesday ₹1250000
Maverick Lite Wednesday ₹120000
Bounty Madness Wednesday ₹250000
Godfather Thursday ₹2500000
Godfather Lite Thursday ₹200000
Monster Turbo 5L Thursday ₹500000
The Ballers Friday ₹2000000
The Ballers Lite Friday ₹200000
Voyager Monday, Tuesday, Saturday ₹250000
Head Shot NL Bounty Saturday ₹1000000
Head Shot Lite Saturday ₹100000
Hold’em Bash Sunday ₹250000
Sunday Showdown Sunday ₹1500000
Adda52 Millions Sunday ₹3000000
Sunday Night PLO Sunday ₹50000
Sunday Bounty Sunday ₹100000

Daily Poker Tournaments

Tournament Name Day/Date Prize
Morning Adda Daily ₹640000
Afternoon Adda Daily ₹1600000
Sundown Adda Daily ₹640000
Freezeout Adda Daily ₹480000
20K Daily Adda Daily ₹320000
Bounty Adda Daily ₹800000
Nighttide DST Adda Daily ₹2700000
Midnight Bash Daily ₹20000
Win the Button Daily ₹15000
Classic 225 Daily ₹15000
Blaze 250 Daily ₹25000
Clash 110 Daily ₹3500
Blaze 150 Daily ₹5000
Quad KO Daily ₹5000
Chipsy 30 Daily ₹2500
PLO 55 Daily ₹2000
1 Ka 4 Daily ₹7000
Blaze 150 Daily ₹5000
Win the Button Daily ₹15000
Turbo 165 Daily ₹5000
Classic 55 Daily ₹5000
1 Ka 4 Daily ₹10000
Power Up Daily ₹10000
Quad KO 220 Daily ₹5000

Indian Poker Tournament Formats

Rebuy Tournament

Rebuy Tournaments allows participants to repurchase chips within a specified time if they run out of chips during play. There are two types:

  • Limited Rebuy: Players can only repurchase chips a limited number of times according to the tournament rules.
  • Unlimited Rebuy: Players can repurchase an unlimited number of times during the rebuy period.

Freeze-out Tournament

This format does not allow players to rebuy. Participants pay the buy-in to enter the tournament with a stack of chips and exit the game when they lose all their chips.

Re-Entry Tournament

Players can re-enter the tournament after being eliminated, but only during the late registration period.

Satellite Tournament

Participants can join satellite tournaments to win entry tickets for major online or offline tournaments. frequently hosts satellite tournaments where players compete to win entry tickets for various large poker tournaments.

Best Poker Games You Can Play Online

Elevate your online poker experience with the Adda52 app, offering top-notch games such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha, and more. With its user-friendly interface and a variety of tournaments, Adda52 is a prime destination for poker enthusiasts, ensuring an exciting and rewarding gaming journey.

  • Cash Games: Engage in intense Cash Games like Texas Hold'em and PLO variants - PLO 5 and PLO6.
  • Online Tournament: Dive into competitive Online Tournaments, including Freeroll, Satellite, and Guaranteed events.
  • Sit & Go: Need a quick poker fix? Explore the Sit & Go option.

How Does A Poker Tournament Entry Fee or Buy-In Work?

In poker tournaments, the buy-in is the entry fee players must pay to participate, contributing to the overall prize pool. This amount varies based on the tournament's format and stakes. 

Rebuys and add-ons may be allowed, offering players additional chips or a chance to recover. Some tournaments may include a separate registration fee. 

Satellite tournaments provide entry to higher-stakes events at a lower cost. 

A clear grasp of these elements is vital for players navigating the tournament dynamics.

How Is A Poker Tournament Set Up?

Adda52 organizes poker tournaments in various formats with tournament structures like freezeouts, rebuys, and satellites. Players can register for tournaments through the website or mobile app. Tournaments feature diverse buy-ins, ensuring accessibility for all skill levels. 

The platform provides a user-friendly interface, real-time updates, and secure payment options. Players compete for enticing prize pools, bonuses, and exclusive rewards. 

Additionally, Adda52 hosts special events and championships, adding excitement and variety to the poker experience. The platform's commitment to fair play and customer satisfaction enhances the tournament experience.

Poker Tournaments Structure

Poker tournaments on platforms like Adda52 typically follow a structured format. Players begin with a fixed amount of tournament chips, and blinds (forced bets) increase at set intervals. The tournament progresses through stages, influencing players' strategies. 

As blinds escalate, participants adapt and make strategic moves to accumulate chips. Tournaments often incorporate different formats like Freezeouts and Rebuys.

Adda52's diverse tournament offerings cater to different player preferences, ensuring an engaging and competitive poker experience.

Payout Structure

  1. Poker tournaments generally have a predetermined payout structure, specifying how the prize pool will be distributed among the top finishers.
  2. The payout structure is segmented according to the number of participants, with a progressive pattern where higher percentages are awarded to top finishers.
  3. Understanding the payout structure empowers players to strategize their gameplay effectively.

How to read the payout chart of poker tournaments?

  • The payout structure is segmented according to the number of participants in the tournament.
  • Place represents the final position or rank achieved by players in the tournament.
  • Percentage payout indicates the percentage proportion of the total prize pool allocated to each respective position. Notably, the structure is progressive, with higher percentages awarded to top finishers.
  • The payout structure generally follows a progressive pattern, where the winner receives a substantial percentage, and the percentages gradually decrease for lower-ranking positions.

Best Poker Tournaments In India / Indian Poker Championship

Adda52 is a pioneering platform that hosts some of the most prestigious events in the country. 

Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT)

DPT, sponsored by Adda52, is a poker extravaganza that draws players from across the nation. Known for its opulent settings aboard the Deltin Royale, this tournament series elevates the poker experience to new heights, blending skill and glamour in a riveting showcase.

World Poker Tour (WPT) India

WPT India is synonymous with world-class poker, offering a stage for players to prove their mettle and claim victory in the global poker arena. This major event attracts international players and local poker enthusiasts alike. 

Adda52 Champions League (ACL)

The Adda52 Champions League is a battle royale where poker teams compete for supremacy. With strategic gameplay and intense rivalries, ACL showcases the camaraderie and competitive spirit that define the poker community, making it a must-watch for enthusiasts.

Adda52 Online Poker Series (AOPS)

The Adda52 Online Poker Series, or AOPS, brings the thrill of poker to the digital realm. With a diverse range of tournaments catering to various skill levels, AOPS is a testament to Adda52's commitment to providing an inclusive and exciting poker experience for players across India.

Adda52 Millions

Adda52 Millions is a high-stakes tournament that attracts seasoned players aiming for the ultimate prize. With a massive prize pool and a challenging field, this event showcases the pinnacle of skill and strategy, establishing itself as a cornerstone of the Indian poker calendar.

How Are Poker Tournaments Different from Cash Games?

In poker tournaments, players buy a set amount of chips and compete to survive and advance through levels, aiming to outlast opponents and win prizes.

In cash games, players use real money, and chips represent their cash value.

Tournaments have fixed blinds and increasing levels, while cash games offer more flexibility.

What Are Blind Levels in A Poker Tournament?

Blind levels in a poker tournament are set time intervals where players must contribute mandatory bets called blinds. Blinds increase gradually to escalate the game's excitement and force players into action.

As blinds go up, players need to adapt their strategies, making it crucial to accumulate chips to stay competitive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I participate in a poker tournament in India?

Join a reputable online poker platform like, create an account, and navigate to the tournament lobby to register for your desired event.

Which is the largest online poker tournament in India?

The largest online poker tournament in India may vary, but platforms like often host major events with substantial prize pools.

Which is the best poker site in India?

Consider factors like user experience, game variety, and promotions. is widely regarded as one of the best poker sites in India.

How to win poker tournaments?

Improve your skills through practice, study strategy, maintain discipline, and stay adaptable to varying game dynamics to enhance your chances of winning tournaments.


With a variety of games, formats and tournaments, Adda52 caters to both seasoned pros and beginners.

Join us, play your cards, and let your best poker strategies speak for themselves!

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