The below-mentioned rules apply to all the tournaments on Adda52:


  • reserves the right to modify or end the promotion at any time without giving any prior notice to players.

  • By participating in the tournament, the Winner consents to providing his image, interview etc., to be used as promotional content by and its media partners.

  • All tournaments will begin promptly at the scheduled time stated in the Tournament Lobby. We reserve the right to delay or cancel a tournament without prior notice.

  • Seats are assigned at random. Seat changes are not permitted.

Late Registration

  • Late Registration is available in all the tournaments.

  • Players have the option of joining in late till late registration is open.

  • The length of the late registration period varies for every tournament. For example, if a tournament starts at 08:00 and has 120 minutes of late registration, registration will close at 10:00.

Auto Registration

  • All tournaments of Buy-in 1000 or above will be auto-registered 1 hour before the start of the tournaments.

  • Satellite tickets will be auto registered 15 minutes prior to the start of the satellite.

  • Players have the option to unregister within that period of time if they wish to.

Ticket Expiry

  • All tournaments/satellite tickets will expire within 30 days from date of issue.


  • All Leaderboard winnings will be credited in the form of Tournament Bonus (TB) or Tickets.

  • In case any tournament is canceled for whatsoever reason, points for the same shall not be added to LDB.

  • Tournaments added to Leaderboard will be considered based on end time.

  • Points Formula for leaderboard = SQRT {Unique Entries/ Your Rank x Sqrt (buy-in)}. In case of multi-day tournaments, Unique player count will be considered across all flights, Final Day rank will only be considered.

  • Leaderboard payouts will be credited within 3-4 working days, after completion of the leaderboard

  • The period considered for Weekly Leaderboard starts from Monday and ends on Sunday every week.

  • Weekly Leaderboard will not be calculated during the Nano Poker Series (NPS) Week.

Unethical play

  • Adda52 believes in providing a safe and seamless gaming experience to Indian Poker players.

  • Any type of unethical practices such as chip dumping (when a player intentionally loses a hand) or soft-playing (when two players play softly and less aggressively against each other with the intention of sharing profits) is prohibited on the platform.

  • Our compliance team regularly reviews players’ gameplay to detect potential violation of fair play rules and takes strict action against the violators.


  • During the game-play, players can chat about the game and hold a healthy conversation.

  • Certain types of chat not permitted include abuse, requesting for chips, spamming, flooding, commercial activity, hand discussion leading to colluding, phishing, etc.

  • We understand that there may be players who wish to play Poker in peace. Thus, there is an option to mute chat and also mute a few players.

  • You can also report players indulged in malicious chat. Just expand the lower-left chat panel on the table to go to "report issue" and mention the situation. Our team will look after the issue and take strict actions against the offenders.

Technical issue/Disconnection

  • If the disconnection happens due to poor internet connection, the player is not entitled to any refund of the entry fee paid to join the tournament. While playing, the blinds will be deducted till the time the player has a sufficient chip stack available to play. Once the player is out of chips, he will be automatically eliminated from the tournament.

  • If a technical glitch happens during a tournament, the players are entitled to receive reimbursement of their buy-ins. If it’s a re-entry/re-buy tournament, the players will receive a refund of their buy-ins and re-entry/re-buy.

  • If the technical issue occurs once the tournament has reached In the Money stage, the players will receive a share of the prize pool as per the chip ratio (the amount of chips they have on the table at the time of disconnection).


  • In a bounty tournament, Bounties are placed on all the participants. A player can earn a bounty amount by knocking his opponents out of the game.

  • Knockout bounty - In this format, players win a bounty amount for every opponent they eliminate.

  • Progressive bounty - When you bust out a player, you get half his bounty amount and the other half is added to your bounty. For example - if the bounty on every participant’s head is 100, you earn 50 by knocking a player out and your own bounty will go up to Rs. 150. If your opponent busts you out, he will get 75 and the other half will add to his bounty.

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