How to Play Online Crazy Pineapple Poker ​

Overview of Crazy Pineapple

Crazy Pineapple is very similar to Texas Hold’em poker in gameplay and betting rules with only a twist which increases the possibilities of winning more hands. In this variant, players receive 3 hole cards instead of the 2 they receive in Texas Hold’em. One of the 3 hole cards needs to be discarded after the flop round of betting in Crazy Pineapple. After this, the game continues similar to the regular Texas Hold'em.


Types of Crazy  Pineapple Poker:


  1. Regular Pineapple –In this variant of pineapple poker, one hole card out of 3 must be discarded before the first round of betting.

  2. Crazy Pineapple –In Crazy Pineapple poker, players need to discard one hole card after the flop round of betting. This is the most popular variant of pineapple poker played worldwide.

  3. Lazy Pineapple –In this variant of pineapple poker, players can discard one hole card at the showdown.


Goal of Crazy Pineapple 

To win in Crazy Pineapple poker, one needs to form the best 5-card combination out of his hole cards and the community cards as per the regular Poker Hand Rankings. Each player receives 3 hole cards instead of 2 received in Texas Hold’em. Post receiving the hole cards, there is a round of betting and the flop is dealt. After the second round of betting is over, the players need to discard one of their hole cards. Now, similar to Texas Hold’em, 2 more community cards open in next two rounds of betting. The player who remains live till the end or the one who makes best 5-card hand at the showdown wins the pot. is the first online poker site to launch this poker variant in India.

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