Banking Overview / Payment Process

Making a Purchase (Deposit) offers a wide variety of deposit methods using credit cards, debit cards, Net Banking, etc. All our payment methods are highly user-friendly, efficient, and completely secure. Once you make a payment through any payment method, you shall be able to play our exciting cash games.

To ensure the highest security of our customers, we only process cards through 2-factor authentication to prevent Internet fraud. Further, the card information is entered by the customer directly on the universally trusted payment gateway. We do not store it in any manner on our site thus ensuring complete security and peace of mind.

You can make a purchase in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Click on ‘Add Money’ in the "My Account" section (after creating your account with us)

Step 2:Enter the amount (in INR). Choose the payment method (Credit Card / Debit Card / Netbanking / Online Wallet/ Pay By UPI) and click to proceed.

Step 3: Complete the transaction on the payment gateway site.

Step 4: You shall automatically return to our site once you complete the transaction. You can immediately see your Wallet balance updated from the "Account Summary" link in the "My Account" section. You shall also receive an email on your registered email ID indicating the amount of the transaction and confirming the success of the transaction.

Keeping in line with RBI norms, we do not accept International cards on the site.

Adda52 Wallet

When you make a deposit on Adda52, your money automatically goes into your Wallet on the website. Your Tournament, SnG, and Cash game winnings will be credited to your Wallet.

You can check your Wallet balance anytime in the “My Account” section. It will reflect the Real chips (redeemable amount which you can withdraw subject to your hold amount, Instant Bonus (non-redeemable bonus chips which you can use to play on cash tables), and Tournament Bonus (non-redeemable bonus chips which you can use to play tournament and SnGs).

Tournament bonus cannot be used to play on cash tables. To join a cash game, you need to pay the buy-in using real cash or real cash + instant bonus.

Similarly, you cannot use the instant bonus to join tournaments or Sit & Go tables. Only real cash or real cash + tournament bonus can be used to get registered to play.   

Redemption Policy (Withdrawal)

At Adda52, we have a customer-friendly redemption policy.

All amounts that you choose to redeem will be instantly deducted from your Adda52 account. It will no longer be available to play. 

Mobile verification is mandatory for users requesting a withdrawal.  

If you cancel or edit your withdrawal request, then all your requests raised after that will be canceled. 

More information about Adda52 Redemption Policy (Withdrawal).

If you have a specific question, please refer to our FAQ section or Contact Us for further clarification.

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