Poker Skills

Improve Your Poker Skills


Learning to play poker might be easy but in order to become a more skilled poker player you need to pull up your socks. It is only by knowing and understanding all the possible poker strategies and accomplishing the necessary skillset that you can compete against the best in a poker game


How to Spot a Fish

A Fish is someone who is bad at playing poker game. Usually, a fish doesn’t play poker well & thereby loses a big amount of money. Here are the 5 ways in which you can spot a poker fish. More...

Poker Mathematics

Poker is a game of skill so the player having the maximum skill clearly has an advantage over others. Poker mathematics is important because it helps you to calculate the odds of your winning or losing a game. More...

Winners' Attributes

Luck can be given credit for some part of the success of the popular poker players but eventually it’s the basic qualities or attributes that a winner possess which really amounts to their triumph. More...

Online Poker Etiquettes

When playing online, being a skilled Poker Player is not enough. You got to learn the basic Poker Etiquettes as well. More...

Online Poker Tells

Poker Tells include acts, gestures and other mannerisms that a poker player displays when trying to disguise the strength of their hand. Here you will find few useful online poker tells that will certainly help you winning at a poker table. More...

Bluffing - an Art

Here are some of the points that will definitely help you the next time you want to bluff in a poker game. More...


You must have read a lot about bluffing in poker. But semi-bluffing may not be known to many people. Whenever you bet with a hand that has a good possibility of becoming the best hand by the river, you are Semi-Bluffing. More...

Improve Your Concentration

Here are some of the ways that will help to boost your concentration while playing in a poker game or tournament. More...

Practice makes Perfect

In order to become a good poker player, you just need to choose a poker game to specialize in, learn its rules, practice, play and then practice some more to become perfect. More...

Common Poker Mistakes

Poker is a game that requires sharp skills and ability to make quick decision after analyzing the opponent's hand. However, many players often make many mistakes which lead to their failure.

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