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Understanding Table Positions


The key to winning low stakes Texas Holdem games is to choose the right cards to play in a hand. And this often depends on your position i.e. where you sit. The seat to the right of the dealer is possibly the best seat to be had. It allows you to see what most players do before you have to act. The worst seats at a poker table are seats in early position i.e. the two seats to the left of the dealer. They have to act first in betting rounds which means that they don't have the advantage of knowing what their opponents are going to do first.

When you are in the early position, you should only play the best hands simply because there are too many people to act after you. You are not wrong if you think that raising too early is not a good option but then it has its benefits. First of all, the pot gets bigger and you win a handsome amount if you win. Secondly, it also protects your hand because lesser the number of players in the game, the more chances you have of winning.

When you are in the middle position, you can add a few more hands to your raising range. And if there had been no raise in front of you, then getting even more ambitious is not a bad option.

In late position, you can raise with even more cards including the middle position cards. We mean to say that although you have a number of good reasons for raising, you should also try to make other players fold in the late position.

When you are in the blind stages, don't get into a habit of calling just because you have been put in a big blind; only re-raise with good hands or just fold.

Table Positions

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