How to Play 99 77 In Poker

Texas Holdem – How to Play 99-77

Mid range pocket pairs like 77-88-99 are very tricky cards in the game of poker. They have to be played carefully as almost always, they would be overpowered pre-flop itself but if you flop your set, then they can win you a big pot. Starting Poker Hands of 77/88/99 have a small strength to them but can lose the way if the flop sees over cards.

Playable from all positions

Mid pocket pairs are playable from all positions in texas hold’em. But the question arises, if they are good enough to raise pre-flop? The answer to that lies in judging the strength of the players on the table and also the number of players playing. If it is a 3-4 player table and you have position, then a small raise might eliminate the petty player.

But in all cases of online poker, the most important decision comes after the flop. If you hit your trips, then that’s excellent and you can raise and lets the small players sit out. It is all about hitting your set with these pocket pairs so if your target is achieved then your poker skills will determine how much you can get out of the pot. But on the downside, if you do not flop your set then the tough decision of folding has to be taken. There are 60% chances that there would be an over card at the table and you have to take the call of folding or chasing; the latter should be your poker strategy only if you are playing a table with very loose players.

When Played at Adda52

On the 29th april 2012, iPhone Finals at the online poker tables of Adda52, player playtowin was heads up with aaryan22 with the blinds at 300/600. The former had a bigger stack size and saw 7c 7s as his starting poker hand. aaryan22 had a marginal Qh 6c and was big blind when he went all in. He had two big blinds left and could’ve waited for another hand to see two royals or anything better to raise. But his dilemma was read well by playtowin who called to see the flop as 5h 10d Kh. The turn was 6h and river was 5c thus giving playtowin two pairs and the table win. His average pocket pairs had won because he had made some judicious calling and smart reading of his opponent.

Another interesting poker strategy to follow while facing mid pocket pairs is what player choudhary007 did when he saw 9h 9d as his starting poker hands. He was given a stroke of luck when he flopped his set but he just kept on increasing the pot size from thereon to win a huge full boat. Big Blind yogesh0992 with Kd 10c limped in while smallest on the table Sumit35891 with 8d 7c also called the blinds. The flop was 2s 9c 2c where choudhary007 got two pairs and to weight if anyone had a deuce, he raise to 80 which was called by yogesh0992. The turn was Qd and yogesh0992 seemed to be drawing dead. choudhary007 again raised, this time to 120 and yogesh0992 with a gutshot called again to see the river was Qc giving choudhary007 a full house and a much deserved win.

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