Bankroll Management

Bankroll Management


Managing your stacks on a poker table is important but you've also got to look after the total money that you actually have with you. Here, the bankroll management comes into play. Careful bankroll management is vital if you want to be a good as well as consistent poker player. Playing on tables that are beyond your means is one of the easiest ways to lose your cash, bury your confidence and ruin your game, so read on if you want to secure your bankroll.

Understanding Blinds

One question that often comes in our minds is that why don't players just fold until they get pocket aces? Well, this is prevented by forcing each player to pay a "tax" on the hands he plays. This tax comes in the form of blind bets, commonly called blinds. More...

Understanding Side Pots

While playing poker, you must have noticed two separate virtual piles of chips in the middle of the table. You must have also seen an All-in situation where one player clearly wins the hand, but two (or more) players receive chips after the showdown. The explanation is “Side Pots”. More...

Stack Management

Managing your stakes or chips is very essential in poker. Learn how to manage the stack if you have the large one and how to manage the small stack in poker. More...

Bet Sizing Mistakes

It is important to remember that bet sizing is a key skill in Texas Holdem Poker game. It’s an aspect where a lot of amateur poker players struggle when they are first introduced to the game. If you are unable to make the correct sized bets at each stage of the hand, you will have a very prominent loophole in your game. By being able to make the correct size bets, you will be able to maximize your wins and minimize your losses. More...

Value Betting

A value bet in Poker is something that you would make when you are planning to be called. Betting as much money as possible while still getting a call would be a value bet. They are used when you have a good hand that you are sure will be a winner. More...


  1. What is bankroll management?

The practice of managing your investments wisely at the Poker tables to ensure that you always have an adequate amount of money available to play real stake games.

  1. What is an ideal bankroll size?

It is up to the player to decide on the right amount of money to spend at the tables easily as per his financial limits. It is highly recommended to play only at the stake level that suits your bankroll.

  1. What are blinds?

Forced bets that the first two opponents sitting left to the dealer button post in order to initiate the betting.

  1. What is a side pot?

In a hand in which more than two participants are playing, if a player goes “all-in” with chips that are lesser than required to call a bet, a side pot is created for the players who are still betting. The “all-in” player can only win the main pot in which he invested his chips. He cannot take any share from the side-pot. 

  1. How to play real money games on Adda52?

Once you create an account on the website, you can access the real money tables anytime you want.

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