The terms of use is an agreement between Deltatech Gaming Limited (formerly known as Gaussian Networks Pvt. Ltd.) and all its subsidiaries, from here on referred to as the “company” (the company could also be referred to as “we”, “us”, “our” and other such adjectives), including its website www.adda52.com, from here on is referred to as the “website” and you from here on will be referred as “you”, “your”, “user” or “player”.

The agreement must be read by you (user) completely and well understood before you agree to the terms of use governing any and all relationship in this agreement and terms of services, products or information and there usage, from here on are referred to as “Terms and conditions”. The user should read, understand and agree to the terms of use which includes those terms and conditions expressly set out below and those incorporated by reference, which you can access by clicking on the relevant link.


The Website and its membership are strictly private and in no way should be considered to be public. In order to gain membership to the website enabling the user to play the games offered/ use the software or any other product or services offered by the website, company or its associates, they will have to first register themselves with the website.

The registration does not guarantee membership, only after the company or its representatives deem fit by their own subjective judgement will they grant membership informing you of the same by sending you an e-mail.

The Website has opened only 5 lac memberships for this calendar year. The site shall not be accepting any more new memberships for the year once the above number is met.

The right to grant membership is completely reserved by the company/website and its representatives. Such membership can be terminated by giving instant notice for any subjective reason that they deem fit and by agreeing to the terms of use the user grants its consent for the same.

The server where the software is installed and the games hosted will be placed in a strictly non-public / confidential area where the access to the server is completely restricted both physically and virtually. Any person/persons or group that will be authorized to access the server where the games are held are not allowed to register themselves as users, thus, not allowed to become members. Such people are not allowed to use the software/play games or use any other product or service provided by the company. This is in the interests of promoting fair play. Our services and products are not available to anybody under the age of 18 on the day of them applying for membership through the registration process on the site. Also, it is strictly prohibited for any user under the age of 18 to play in cash games. We reserve the right to request proof of age at any stage to verify that minors are not using the Service and we may exclude a person from play if proof of age is not provided or if the Company suspects that a person using the Service is under-age. The services and products are not intended for users connecting to the site from jurisdictions that say it is illegal to do so.


The applicable laws in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Orissa, & Telangana may prohibit a player from using the services offered on our website. There may be applicable penalties imposed on such users by the respective state governments or the central government of India as the case maybe. Our company and its website doesn’t accept membership request from people who are residing in these states and if a user residing in such state becomes a member of the site by giving false information, the liability will be solely on the user and the company reserves the right to terminate the users membership without any notice and confiscate all his deposit and winnings as the case might be. You accept that Adda52.com or Deltatech Gaming Limited will not be liable to take any responsibility for the breach of the user of applicable state laws. Users from all state have to always ensure that they are following the applicable state laws and we will try to post any changes that we seem appropriate to better educate the users. Our decision in this regard will be final and no consideration whatsoever will be extended to the user.


You may only have one account on our website from here on referred to as “Account”, for which you will register using your own, correct name. You may not use the service by means of another person's account. Should you attempt to open more than one account, under your own name or under any other name, or should you attempt to use the service by means of any other person's account, we will be entitled to close all Your Accounts and bar you from playing games in our website in future immediately. You should ensure that you have read and understood the rules and regulations of the games available through the service, here on referred to as the “games”. You agree to abide by the rules and regulations of each of the Games as published and periodically changed on the website.

The rules that govern the games and services offered by the website form part of the terms and conditions and they will be available under the “About Game” or similar section on the website. For all rules, however, they may or may not be explicitly mentioned on the website. The user is encouraged to seek clarification by using the customer services offered. The determination decided by the company and/or its website will be final and you agree to abide by them by accepting the terms and conditions.

Adda52 reserves the right to suspend any account that has an offensive/vulgar username and/or uses abusive/vulgar language in the chat window.


Sharing or distribution of the password with any other user/ person/ group or any third party is strictly prohibited. Adda52.com is not responsible if your account is accessed or opened by others using your password. You are held legally responsible and liable for all of your activities on the website made from your account. The players admit that they may be exposed to content posted by other users which they may find offensive, obnoxious or indecent and that the website may not be able to prevent such content being from posted. Such content should be brought to notice of the website. The website shall act upon the information as it deems acceptable. The decision taken by the management of the company or the website in this regard shall be final and binding on the player and the player specifically agrees that Adda52.com will not incur any liability under any circumstance whatsoever regarding the same. You understand that it is your obligation to protect the information you have provided on the website including, but not limited, to usernames, passwords, email addresses, contact details, and telephone numbers. You explicitly understand and agree that we will not incur any liability for information provided by you to anyone which may result in your account on the website being exposed or misused by any other person or any other harm or loss being suffered by you. You are accountable to obey any applicable law, while taking part in any competition or tournament organized through the website. You undertake and agree to indemnify us against any claims, expenses or liabilities suffered by or claimed against us by any person or entity arising out of your non-compliance with any applicable laws. You also understand and accept that your mere participation in a game/ tournament available on the website does not create any obligation on us to give you a prize. Your winning a prize is entirely dependent on your skill as a player same as other players in the game/tournament and subject to the rules of the game/ tournament. You acknowledge that your participation in any game/tournament available on the website is purely voluntary and is at your sole discretion and risk. You understand and acknowledge that once a game/tournament has commenced, not being able to play due to slow internet connections, faulty hardware, internet connection failure, low computer configuration or for any other reason does not attributable to us to a refund of the entry fee you may have paid for participation. You agree, understand and acknowledge that you will use your account with us solely for the purpose of playing on the website and for any other transactions with us which you may have to carry out with respect to your usage of the services. You understand and acknowledge the fact that we are neither a bank nor a financial institution and that the purchases/balance standing to the credit in your account do not accumulate any interest. You also understand and agree that your account maintained with us is purely for the purpose of payment of the entry/subscription fee to participate in games/tournaments made available on the website and for purchase of cash prizes that you may win. You also agree that you are required to furnish your PAN (Permanent Account Number) duly issued to you by the Income Tax Department, Government of India, as the case may be, to deduct TDS as per the rules and regulations of the government of India. You acknowledge that you are making use of the services knowing that you may face a risk of monetary loss, when using the services and that Adda52.com shall have no responsibility to you for any such loss that arises in the course of your participation in the services. You may not impersonate another person or user, attempt to get a password, other account information, or other private information from a user, or harvest email addresses or other information. In the event, we have reasonable grounds to believe that your activities include any of the acts specified above, We may initiate appropriate legal proceedings against you as well as notify the relevant regulatory or law enforcement authorities where appropriate, apart from suspending or terminating your privileges for the use of the website. You may not purchase, sell, trade, rent, lease, license, grant a security interest in, or transfer your user account, any content, currency, points, standings, rankings, ratings, or any other attributes appearing in, originating from or associated with the Website or by using any Services.


Deltatech Gaming Limited hold all rights tangible or intangible for the website and all the services offered on the website including but not limited to all games and other content , promotional material, inter alia all strategic and development plans, ideas , designs, financial conditions, business plans, data banks, information related to technology and process, the technology developed including the software and methodology of usage from here on referred to as “intellectual Property” . The company is only permitting the user to use the Intellectual property to play the games and use other services offered and under all circumstances the user is strictly prohibited to use the intellectual capital otherwise, which includes but is not limited to copying, reproducing or transmitting any media known to / or will be known to human kind of the intellectual property. The user is not being granted any rights whatsoever with respect to the intellectual property by allowing him to play games on the website and use other services on the website.

All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


Deltatech Gaming Limited shall conduct several tourneys from time to time on the website. Prestigious items from various brands are offered as prizes in some of these tourneys. Unless otherwise mentioned, t

here is no official tie up between Adda52.com and the various 3rd party brands. Deltatech shall simply buy the products mentioned in the promotion and delivering to the winner of the promotion.

By filling your mobile number on the site, you are giving Deltatech Gaming Limited. the right to contact you by Call/SMS to provide you information on all promotional activity/events conducted by adda52.com and its partners. Your mobile number will not be used for any third party communication whatsoever.

The site shall grant Freeroll chips to users to try out the games for free and participate in certain promotional tournaments. The site shall retain the right to grant and withdraw these Freeroll chips at any time. The user who has either received these freeroll chips or won these freeroll chips by playing in free games shall have no right on these chips.


Deltatech Gaming Limited is a technology company which through its website Adda52.com aims at providing technology and IT services to enable online multiplayer gaming in real time. Besides providing technology and IT services to enable online games of skill, the company will also create software and technology to enable play of game of skills on multiple technology platform, real time or otherwise . Such technology will not be sold but the users will be allowed to use it at the sole discretion of the Deltatech Gaming Limited.

The services provided by the website are only intended to play with skill and for entertainment purpose only. The company is not responsible for any betting or gambling acts that may take place outside the website. Deltatech Gaming Limited will charge the users for providing such services. GST is applicable and will be applied as per the law. The service charge levied is subject to change from time to time and the users will be informed accordingly by answering to such specific request from customer care. We reserve the right to collect service charge at varying rates and at different times and for multiple types of games and other services offered by us. The service charge and applicable taxes may vary as per the changes in the law and we may change the levy of service charge accordingly based on the company’s discretion.


Commercial use of the Software is strictly forbidden. The User is only allowed to use the Software for his/her personal use. Under no circumstances shall a User be permitted to use his/her account with Deltatech Gaming Limited for any purpose other than for playing the Games. You may open only one account per person. Deltatech Gaming Limited reserves the right to monitor any effort to establish multiple accounts; in the event Deltatech Gaming Limited discovers that you have opened more than one account per person, all additional accounts will be closed immediately without notice and continued violation will result in the termination of any and all of your accounts and Deltatech Gaming Limited may void any associated winnings. The user may not attempt to modify, decompile, reverse-engineer or disassemble the software in any way. The use of artificial intelligence including, without limitation, "robots" is strictly forbidden in connection with the Software and the Games. All actions taken in relation to the Games by a User must be executed personally by the User through the user interface accessible by use of the Software. You agree that Deltatech Gaming Limited may take steps to detect and prevent the use of prohibited EPA Programs. Such action may include, but is not limited to, the examination of software programs running concurrently with the Deltatech Gaming Limited Software on the User's computer.


When making a payment, please ensure that the instrument used to make the payment is your own and is used to Add Cash into your user account only.

Player funds are kept in 3 virtual wallets in Adda52 (i) deposit wallet that is redeemable where money deposited by a player is held, (ii) winnings wallet that is redeemable and (iii) Instant Bonus (IB) and Tournament Bonus (TB) that are non-redeemable. As per the guidelines provided by the registrar of companies in India, the company shall refund the amount that lies in the deposit wallet for more than 300 days to your bank account available with us or in case of non-availability of your bank account details, the Company may require you to provide those details to process the refund. In case of non-submission of bank account details within scheduled time, the Company reserves the right to forfeit the amount or otherwise deal with such amount as it deems fit.

In the event that, for a period of more than 300 days, you (i) maintain a Cash Balance and (ii) fail to participate in a Real Chip Game, the Company shall refund the entire amount that is lying for more than 300 days to your bank account available with us or in case of non-availability of your bank account details, the Company may require you to provide those details to process the refund. In case of non-submission of bank account details within scheduled time, the Company reserves the right to forfeit the amount or otherwise deal with such amount as it deems fit.

Player funds are held in trust by us in specified bank accounts. Adda52 keeps all players' funds unencumbered which will be remitted to you in due course subject to the terms and conditions applicable to withdrawal of funds. Funds held in your user account are held separately from our corporate funds. Even in the highly unlikely event of an insolvency proceeding, you claims on the deposits will be given preference over all other claims to the extent permissible by law.


Adda52 is committed to Promoting FAIR PLAY on the website. Our Compliance team will track game play of all players and strict action will be taken against any player(s) caught indulging in Multi Accounting, Chip Dumping and/or collusion. By Agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the site, you agree not to indulge in any unfair game practices that might provide undue advantage to you or any other player. The action could range from monetary penalties, temporary account suspension, withdrawal blocking to permanent account deactivation . More...


When you use our Services, you will be required to send money to us and may be required to receive money from us. To process such financial transactions, we may use third-party electronic payment processors or service providers (ESPs). As required, you permanently authorize us to instruct such ESPs to handle Account deposits and withdrawals from your account. You also permanently agree that in accordance with your requests as submitted, we may give such instructions on your behalf. You agree to be certain by the terms and conditions of use of each appropriate ESP. In the event of conflict between these Agreements and the ESP's terms and conditions, these Agreements shall prevail.


Any real money in your account is your actual account balance. Any winnings would be added and/or losses incurred from using the services, entry or other fees, previously withdrawn money by the User or amount forfeited by us for any suspected fraud or rejection or cancellation of transaction(s) by your or any third party bank, resulting of charge-backs, insufficient funds or any other reason would subsequently be subtracted. Also levied would be the Inactive Account Fees.

A cash-out request will be accepted when catered to deposit method restrictions, bonus restrictions and/or Security Reviews. You can withdraw amounts only within your transaction limits and levying any processing fees for withdrawal methods that we notify you of before cashing out.

User can request for refund anytime online. With Deltatech Gaming Limited, the user account will be checked for any games played or bonus claims and the request will be processed within 2 weeks. The bonus amount for any bonus claims will be deducted and the balance refunded. A request for cancellation of any transaction would be processed within 2 weeks given the player has the balance of the transaction in his/her account.

Any amount from your winnings may be reported and withheld complying to any applicable law. It is solely your responsibility to deal with all the taxes involved with your winnings. Neither prize money nor balance can be redeemed for any other prize nor can it be transferred. When withdrawing, payment will be made to you either by cheque, wire, credit card and/or any other manner which we select, although we will try to provide your preferences.

Although payment processing will be made as soon as possible, due to our Security Reviews, payments may be delayed and withheld with us.


Deltatech Gaming Limited will not stand the use of any abusive or offensive language on our chat boards or any other platforms. Also, you are not allowed to make false or damaging comments with regard to the company in any media or forum.

We hold the right to reject or delete any text, files, images, photos, video, sounds, or any other material that breaches the terms in accordance with our third party content policy posted by you on any platform.

Any violation may result in removal of the third party Content, a suspension of your use of the Services and/or any suitable action as may be required by us to ensure the agreement.

Please beware of phishing attacks, spoofed emails and links from external third party sources but claiming to be from Adda52 or Deltatech Gaming Limited. Adda52/Deltatech Gaming Limited is not responsible for such emails/messages and/or any loss arising out of clicking on links contained in them.


In case of any technical failures, server crashes, breakdowns, software defects, disruption or malfunction of service, as a policy, Deltatech Gaming Limited will cancel the games and refund the bet amounts after proper verification and no rake will be taken from such games and you accept that Deltatech Gaming Limited is not responsible to you in all such cases. Deltatech Gaming Limited is also not liable for any prospective winnings from any incomplete tournament.

Deltatech Gaming Limited does not hold any liability to any disconnection, lag, freeze or interference in network on the user’s computer or any other external networks. In case of any disruption for an ongoing game, the game will be manually cancelled by Deltatech Gaming Limited and the points/chips shall be refunded irrespective of the status of the game. For any game, Deltatech Gaming Limited has the right to cancel and refund the points/chips. In no case, other than a server crash, Deltatech Gaming Limited is accountable for any of the player's disconnections from server.


By registering, you are considered to have accepted and understood all the Terms and conditions. We recommend that you keep a copy of all transactions, rules of playing, cancellation and payment policies. Our failure or delay to act or exercise any right or remedy with respect to a breach of any of these Terms and conditions by You does not surrender Our rights to act with respect to any prior, concurrent, subsequent or similar breaches. Any competition or tournament organized by us on the Website shall be governed by these Terms and conditions and any additional terms and conditions which may be explicitly defined for a competition or tournament.

The company and/or its website and/ solely reserve the right to singly change the terms and conditions and update the same on the website. It is the user’s responsibility to check the updated terms and conditions on a regular basis and to decide whether to continue his membership on this website or not. At any point of time you may choose to discontinue the use of our website or any services offered by the company. If you continue to use the Service/product or the Software, you will be responsible for your acceptance of the changes to this Agreement. If any judicial or quasi-judicial body in India declares any of these Terms or condition to be unlawful, invalid, void or unenforceable for any reason, the validity and enforceability of the remaining Terms and conditions will not be affected. Any such inappropriate Term or condition will be replaced with another term that is valid and enforceable and is in most nearly with effect to the original invalid term.

By agreeing to the terms of use you agree to the fact that the information you have provided to the company, website or affiliate on our website and its affiliates, will be used by the company and its affiliates as considered appropriate. Our methods of gathering information may change from time to time and our privacy policy may be modified too. These changes will be posted on this page. You can always understand the information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances we disclose it.


The company disclaims any and all Warranties, expressed or implied, in connection with the software, the site and the games, all of which are provided to the user "AS IS". You access and use the website at your sole risk. The Company explicitly disclaims all warranties or conditions of any kind, express, implied or statutory, including without limitation the implied warranties of title, non-infringement, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose.

Without limiting the foregoing, the company does not represent or warrant:

  1. a) The quality, fitness for purpose, completeness, merchantability, non-infringement or accuracy of the software, the site and the games;
  2. b) The suitability of the information contained in the documents or other information published on this site;
  3. c) Continuous, error-free, secure or virus-free operation of Adda52.com or its content including software, games, your account or continued operation or availability of any facility on Adda52.com;
  4. d) That the defects in the website will be corrected;
  5. e) That the website or the servers that operate the website are free of viruses or other harmful components;
  6. f) That the data, results and information within the website will be correct, accurate, adequate, useful, reliable or otherwise; and
  7. g) That the website will meet your needs, requirements or expectations.

No person affiliated, or claiming affiliation with the Site has authority to extend such Warranties.

You undertake and agree as under:

(a) The Company does not promise or ensure that you will be able to access your account whenever you want. It is entirely possible that you may not be able to access your account or the Services provided by the Company at times or for extended periods of time due to, but not limited to system maintenance and updates;

(b) You are aware that participation in the games of skill organized by us may result in financial loss to you. With full knowledge of the facts and circumstances surrounding the Activity, you are voluntarily participating in the Activity and assume all responsibility for it and risk resulting from your participation, including all risks of financial loss. The Company makes no guarantees, warranties, representations, or other promises relative to the Activity, and assumes no liability or responsibility for any financial loss that you may sustain as a result of participation in the Activity;

(c) You agree to indemnify and hold the Company, its employees, directors, officers, and agents harmless with respect to any and all claims and costs associated with your participation in the Activity. You acknowledge that You are solely responsible for any action that arises from Your participation with this Activity or around this Activity, regardless of occurring before, during or after the period of the Activity;

(d) To hereby save, hold harmless, discharge and release the Company from any and all liability, claims, causes of actions, damages or demands of any kind and nature, whatsoever, that may arise from or in connection with your participation in the Activity;

(e) You will be solely responsible for any delay and/or damage to your computer systems or loss of data that results from installation of website games or software on Your computer and the website expressly disclaims liability for any such failure delay or failure;

(f) You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account access credentials (i.e. username & password) and financial instruments (i.e. credit/debit card number).

(g) You agree to assume the entire risk as to the results and performance of any software and/or games availed by you on www.Adda52.com. As such, result and performance among other things depends on your Internet connection and hardware. You also assume the entire cost of all servicing, repair and/or correction of your hardware when you access, download or execute software or games available on www.Adda52.com. The Company explicitly disclaims liability for any delay or failure to perform resulting from installation of its games or software on your computer.

(h) You specifically acknowledge, agree and accept that we are not liable to you for: (i) the defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct of any other player or for anything that turns out to be misleading, inaccurate, defamatory, threatening, obscene or otherwise illegal whether originating from another player or otherwise; (ii) any loss whatsoever arising from the use, abuse or misuse of your account on our Website; (iii) any loss incurred in transmitting information from you to our Website by the internet or by other connecting media; (iv) any technical failures, system breakdowns, defects, delays, interruptions, manipulated or improper data transmission, loss or corruption of data or communications' lines failure, distributed denial of service attacks, viruses or any other adverse technological occurrences arising in connection with your access to or use of our Website; (v) the accuracy, completeness or currency of any information services provided or any statistics shown on the Website;

(i) You agree to indemnify, defend and hold the Company, harmless from all claims, damages and expenses made by any third party arising out of (a) your content, or (b) your violation of these Terms or Privacy Policy; or (c) use of www.adda52.com by any other person accessing the Services using your username or password, whether or not with your authorization.

(j) The Company reserves the right to change, modify or delete the sites, information, and terms & conditions listed on this site at any time without prior notice.


You clearly understand and agree that the company shall under no circumstances (including, without limitation, in contract, negligence or other tort), be liable for any direct, indirect, ancillary, special, incidental, consequential or exemplary damages. This includes, but is not limited to injury, claim, loss of data, loss of income, loss of profit or loss of opportunity, loss of or damage to property, damages for monetary loss, goodwill, use, data or other intangible loss (even if the company has been advised of the possibility of such damages), resulting from or arising out of the use of or the inability to use the service, even if we have been advised or become aware of the possibility of such damages or loss or that such loss was forseeable. You agree to indemnify us against any claims in respect of any such matter.


This Agreement shall in all respects be governed, interpreted by, and construed in accordance with the laws of India. All disputes, differences, complaints etc., shall be subject to Arbitration under the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. The arbitrator will be appointed by the company after due consent from the company and the user. The place of arbitration shall be Panaji, Goa, India.

There could be instances where the company is not able to receive prompt updates about the change in applicable laws of your place of stay. Please ensure that any activities you engage on the Website are legal as per the applicable laws. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the company or its website from any claim, demand, damage, or loss whatsoever coming out due to your non-compliance with the laws of your jurisdiction.


If a user files for redemption on receipt of any purchase bonus, without earning the pre-defined release points, the same will be considered as misuse of Bonus. In such case, Adda52.com reserves the right to forfeit the complete Bonus or same amount may be deducted from real cash or Redemption.


The use of bots is strictly prohibited on Adda52 platform. Bots are defined as automated programs that play without human intervention or reduce the need for human decision-making. Any tool or service that provides aid to a user's decision-making based on the current game state is also prohibited. It is mandatory for a human to decide on the action to take and the exact size of any bet or raise.

Adda52’s software package includes features that can detect the use of automated programs that enable gameplay based on Artificial Intelligence.

To maintain a cheat-free environment, Adda52’s software may perform scans to detect the use of illicit automated programs. These scans may include a scan of all active software applications, a scan of all active processes, and a scan of all activities for the potential use of Artificial Intelligence.

If any of the scans reveal a suspicious application or process, Adda52's software may scan the files associated with the questionable application or process and compile a composite mesh to be matched against profiles for known illicit automated programs.

Any breach of the rules regarding the use of bots will result in a permanent ban and/or confiscation of funds.


All decisions made at the poker table must be made solely by the player. It is mandatory for a human to decide on the action to take and the exact size of any bet or raise.

The use of any software and/or reference materials that provide advice and/or have an influence on a player's decision-making in real-time is strictly prohibited.

Prohibited software includes, but is not limited to, GTO solvers, range calculators, and ICM analyzers.

Prohibited reference materials are solutions from simulations, such as GTO charts, range calculation, ICM equity, decision trees, nash equilibrium, or push/fold charts.

Only a fundamental pre-flop chart that outlines the recommended starting hands for each starting position is permissible as reference material. Any reading materials that include stack size, relative positions, or any user-defined situations are strictly prohibited. 

Any violation of the aforementioned rule will result in a permanent ban and/or confiscation of funds.


Adda52 strictly forbids the use of any program that allows users to remotely access other individuals' devices or vice versa while using the game client.

Adda52 strictly prohibits the use of any program that enables users to share their own screen with others or allows others to share their screen with the user while using the game client, with the intention of gaining an unfair advantage over opponents.

The list of prohibited programs includes, but is not limited to, the following:

- TeamViewer

- Microsoft Remote Desktop

- AnyDesk

- LogMeIn

Adda52 strictly prohibits the use of such programs as they may facilitate additional violations of the SEP, such as ghosting, real-time assistance (RTA), botting, and multi accounting.

Minor breaches of this policy will result in a warning or suspension.

Repeat or major breaches of this policy will result in a permanent ban and confiscation of relevant assets.


Adda52 also strictly prohibits the use of any other methods to access the platform from regions where it is prohibited.

In order to ensure compliance, Adda52 reserves the right to request and obtain Proof of Presence (PoP) from users at our discretion to verify their actual location.

For minor violations, appropriate actions will be taken, including issuing a warning or suspension.

In cases of repeated or major violations, severe consequences will be imposed, such as permanent banning from the platform and confiscation of any associated assets.


The utilization of virtual machines and Android emulators in conjunction with the game client is strictly prohibited by Adda52.

The virtual machine programs listed below are among those prohibited, but not limited to:

- Oracle VM VirtualBox

- VMware

- Parallels

- Microsoft Hyper-V

- Nox

- Bluestacks

- MEmu

Users are required to operate the Adda52 game client within an operating system that is native to their hardware device.

Consequences for minor breaches include a warning and suspension.

Repeat or major breaches will result in a permanent ban and confiscation of relevant assets.


The use of certain third-party tools is not allowed by Adda52.

A third-party tool is considered prohibited if it:

  • Engages in data mining, which includes observing games without participating in order to gather hand histories for future reference, as well as sharing hands, private results, or playing statistics on a large scale for the purpose of opponent analysis.
  • Functions as a Heads-Up Display (HUD), displaying Users' past tendencies and betting patterns.
  • Assists in automatic seating or game-selection efficiency.
  • Is determined by The Security Team to provide an unfair advantage over other Users.

A third-party tool is permitted if it:

  • Assists solely in the tiling/aligning of tables.
  • Aids in the creation of macros and hotkeys for improved gameplay efficiency, as long as it does not eliminate the User's responsibility to make decisions. The User must still decide on the action to take and the specific size of any bet or raise, with the macro or hotkey simply executing this decision. For instance, a hotkey that bets half the pot is allowed, while a hotkey that bets a random amount between half and three-quarters of the pot is prohibited.
  • Is determined by The Security Team to possess characteristics of prohibited third-party tools but is non-functional when used alongside the Adda52 client.

Consequences for minor breaches include a warning and suspension.

Repeat or major breaches will result in a permanent ban and confiscation of relevant assets.


If you suspect that any player is involved in any type of cheating or malicious activities, you can report to us by calling on our Tollfree Number - 1800-572-0611, Chat, or email us at info@adda52.com. You can also report the issue from game table by expanding the Dealer Chat box and selecting 'Report Issue'.


Feel free to contact us in case of any questions or concerns; any change in your personal information,

you forget your password, or suspect that someone else has learnt and used your password.

You can call on your Customer Support Number - 1800-572-0611 (Timings: 10 AM - 7 PM | All Days). Live Chat option is also available ( Timings: 10 AM - 12 AM | All Days )where you can discuss your issues and queries with our Customer Care representatives. In case of any clarification that you may wish to seek regarding anything related to your Adda52 account, please send e-mail to us at info@adda52.com


By filling in your mobile number on our site, you are giving adda52 the right to contact you via Call/SMS/RCS/WhatsApp SMS to provide you with information on all promotional activities and events conducted by adda52.com and its partners. Your mobile number will not be used for any third-party communication whatsoever. You hereby accept the fact that you have read, understood and are willing to abide by the above Terms and Conditions.

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