Deposit Code Offers

Roll up your sleeves and make your poker winnings extra rewarding!

Make your first deposit at Adda52 using the below-mentioned coupon code and get closer to winning exciting rewards. 

Deposit Code - ADDA5000

Get 200% cashback up to ₹5,000 as Locked Bonus in your account. 

What else is in store for you?

  • 100% cashback on the GST paid. 
  • Unlimited freeroll chips to enjoy Freeroll tournaments 

How the the new bonus offers work: 

  1. When making a deposit to your account, 28% will be deducted as per new GST guidelines
  2. The amount deducted will be credited back into your account as Instant Bonus (IB), which will be valid for 30 days. 
  3. Your entire deposit amount up to Rs. 5000 will be eligible for 200% cashback, which will be credited back into your account as Locked Bonus (LB)

For example:

  1. Raj registers on Adda52 and makes a first deposit of Rs. 1000
  2. Raj receives Rs. 780 as cash in his Adda52 deposit wallet. 
  3. Raj will also receive Rs. 220 against the 28% deduction as Instant Bonus in his account. 
  4. He will also receive an additional cashback of Rs. 2000 as Locked Bonus in his account
  5. Raj’s total deposit value is equal to a) Rs. 780 cash b) Rs. 220 Instant Bonus c) Rs. 2000 Locked Bonus
  6. Raj will be able to use his Rs. 720 cash and Rs. 220 Instant Bonus immediately to start playing. 

How to utilise Locked Bonus

  • Locked Bonus can be unlocked by playing cash games on Adda52. 
  • Locked Bonus will be released as real money in the wallet as per the PGP earned by the user. For example with 10 PGP earned, ₹1 Locked Bonus will be converted to ₹1 in real cash. The same can be withdrawn or be used for cash games. 
  • Locked Bonus is valid for a period of 30 days.   

Frequently Asked Questions

How to play real money games on Adda52?

Follow these simple steps to join the real money tables on Adda52 –

  • Create an account on the site.
  • Choose a username and password
  • Enter and verify your details (Email and Phone number)
  • Make The deposit

Once the payment is done, you can check the updated chip balance in your Wallet by checking your account summary in the ‘My Account’ section. You can use these chips to play real cash games on the website.

How to use your balance?

The amount of money you earn at the tables goes directly into your Wallet. You can use your Wallet balance to Play Ring games, Sit & Go, and MTT (Multi-table Tournament) on the website.

You can check your Wallet balance anytime in the “My Account” section. It will reflect:

Redeemable Balance (amount which you can withdraw)

Instant Bonus (non-redeemable bonus chips which you can use to play on cash tables)

Locked Bonus (non-redeemable bonus which will be converted to Instant Bonus)

Tournament Bonus (non-redeemable bonus chips which you can use to play tournaments and SnGs).

You need to pay the buy-in using real cash or real cash + Instant Bonus to join a cash game. The Tournament Bonus cannot be used to play on cash tables.

Similarly, you cannot use Instant Bonus to join Multi-table tournaments and Sit & Go tables. Only real cash or real cash + tournament bonus can be used to get registered to play.

How much amount can I deposit in my account?

The minimum amount you can deposit on the site is ₹50.

How secure is it to make financial transactions on the site?

To safeguard your account from any type of unauthorised access, the site processes cards for payment through 2-factor authentication. Adda52 doesn’t store the player’s personal or financial information in any manner. You can make transactions (deposit and withdraw money) on the website in a completely easy, transparent, and hassle-free way.

Unlike many other gaming sites where you can find online offers on Sunday or other special occasions, Adda52 provides bonus offers in Poker and mind-blowing rewards on a regular basis. To avail the best offers in Poker, all you need to do is log in to your Adda52 account and start playing. Join Now!

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