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The online game space opened up to Indians ever since PCs and gaming consoles started to be very widely used not just in offices but also for personal use in homes. The Indian development ecosystem has provided services to international players for a long time, so it was only a matter of time before online gaming became popular in India as well. With the increase in internet penetration and a widening of the smartphone user base the, cash game became a reality too. This is particularly so for skill-based games such as poker and other card games, pool games, and all their different variations. Some of the most popular online cash games played in India today include:

Poker – The Most Popular Cash Game

Poker is a card game where every player is dealt a hand of cards and every player in turn contributes to a ‘pot’ based on the quality of the hand they have. They say that as a player you show your poker greatness by the hands you fold, not the hands you play. This is to say that poker involves a lot of strategy and skill that the player develops over time. Each player bets on the hand they are dealt based on its perceived value. Talented players will rely on psychology, probability, and game theory to best their opponents and win. 

Over time, many variations of poker have been developed and each of these cash games is now serious money in terms of the stakes and the prize money. While it is true that poker is played by professional players; a spectator game with multimillion-dollar prizes, anyone can play poker. You too can play online for entertainment and for real money. Even in India, there are now professional players who play poker full-time and play it well enough to quit their day jobs.

Poker game as online cash game has really exploded in the past ten years. As a result of this, newbies can find online tutorials and other training materials, play practice games and hone their natural instincts to become good players. Further, we have seen a rising trend of more women playing poker with the rise of poker stars such as Vanessa Selbst and Maria Ho. Plus, real cash games online have really arrived in Asia in a big way. This has resulted in the establishment of many trustworthy platforms offering a top-notch playing experience and real cash as prizes.

Poker variations

Real money games in India have arrived in a big way. There are many poker variants such as Texas holdem poker, holdem++, Omaha poker, Omaha hi-lo, and crazy pineapple poker available for players to enjoy online. With these and other poker variations now available online, people can test their skills and enjoy an entertaining battle of wills against other players while also earning big. For instance, Omaha poker is a popular option. This is one of the most widely played variations of poker on Indian poker platforms and is similar to Texas holdem poker. Here, the player is dealt four cards and there are five community cards. The aim is to make the best hand using two of one’s own cards as well as three of the community cards. 

Then there is another fun variation, Omaha Hi-Lo, where the pot is divided between two combinations: the highest and the lowest – so here the aim is to make either the highest or the lowest five-card combination. Pot Limit Omaha is one more variant where the player is permitted to bet what is in the pot at the time. Hence this form of the game has a pot limit. Additionally, there is also a fixed limit Omaha poker which has a betting limit on each round and game, as well as no limit Omaha where this is no ceiling on the bets placed. 

Not only are there many game variants of poker to choose from, but there are also various formats that players can choose from as well, depending upon their playing style or preference:

  • In a ring game, there is no fixed time for playing. Here, the player can join a table or leave as they wish. The table is open count the clock
  • With multi-table card games, players are competing to reach the final table where prizes are determined by the finishing position of each player
  • Sit-N-Go is a quick play format, and typically winds up in less than an hour. This is the recommended format for players who want the experience of real money games
  • Beginners can also opt to play at a freeroll table where they can practice playing without actually paying money. Practice games help a player develop skills and learn about strategy.

Indian Rummy Online Cash Game

Card rummy is a popular card game that is widely played all over India. Here, the aim is to create matching card series of specific ranks or sequences following set rules. It is a popular family game in India even though it is thought to have originated elsewhere, most likely in Mexico. It is one of the fun casual games that friends and family would play on holidays, picnics, celebrations, get-togethers, and so on. Since it has been such a popular social activity, online rummy has now gone on to become a popular multiplayer online game as well. 

There are different types of exciting games players can opt for – 21 card rummy13 card rummy. The aim is to arrange cards in a specific sequence or series of consecutive cards to win. In an online rummy game, the first player to form the sequence according to the rules of rummy can press the ‘Declare’ button to win. Players can register quickly and easily on any of the online rummy platforms and could even win a signup bonus in some cases. Players can invite other people to join in the game and get a chance to win actual cash payouts. Winnings can be redeemed as and when required. The rummy app is available for free download on Android devices as well as from the iTunes store 

Teen Patti Indian Cash Game

Teen Patti is another one of the most popular Indian card games, and is sometimes called a form of three-hand poker. It is traditionally played by the entire extended family. No Diwali is complete without a session lasting well into the wee hours and this is a popular activity at other festive occasions and friends’’ get-togethers as well. Variations depend upon whether players opt for loose versus tight play, and the value of the ante or pot. Amusingly, the player who takes a break or goes to the bathroom has to pay to rejoin the game. 

It is played as a real cash game where players can place blind bets before the deal.. Each player gets three cards to face down. If the player does not see the cards before betting, this is known as ‘blind’. Seeing the cards and then betting is known as ‘chaal’ or move. Three to six players can play this game, which has a minimum ante that every player much match or exceed. A player can ‘fold’ if they feel they have a poor hand. 

3 patti has now transitioned to online gaming as well. Some of these real cash games have phone support while others can only be played on a desktop. Online games range from low to high wagers and pay-out speeds and limits can vary. 

Satte pe Satta Online Cash Game

Most Indians know about the beloved movie of the same name, but this is another traditional Indian card game that has also gone online. Here the players compete to be the first to get rid of their own cards, rather like the game ‘Bluff’. It can be played by 3 to 8 players who strategize to create sequences and dump their own cards to win. 

As the name suggests, the 7 number card is very important and the game starts with the 7 of hearts being the first card to be dealt. In the digital version, players earn points to win real cash. After one player wins, the other players must add the value of their remaining cards. The player with the minimum score is graded second, and so on Satte pe Satta online cash game.

Blackjack – The Timeless Casino Cash Game

Among online cash games, this is one of the most popular card games played all over the world, where the player competes not with other players but with the dealer. The dealer deals the card to players in a semicircle and players place bets in this game which is also known as twenty-one and pontoon. Players win by creating card values that exceed the hand of the dealer but not higher than 21. 

This is one of the popular real money games India plays for the ‘bounty’ as well. Some of the common blackjack terms are hit, stand, double, split, double down and surrender to indicate different moves in the game. Those who want to practice playing can do so by downloading free gaming apps or visiting arcade game websites that let you play in the browser without any downloads. 

Teen Do Paanch – Another One of The Real Money Games in India 

Teen do panch or 3 2 5  card game is widely played in the Indian subcontinent. It is played with three players and 30 cards of specific value – aces, kings, queens, jacks, tens, nines, eights and two sevens – of spades and hearts. Players receive ten cards in two rounds and as the name of the game suggests, the players have to win 3, 2 and 5 tricks. The game is won following the process of declaring the highest trump. This game is also played as a real cash game on some online platforms. Other variants of 3 2 5 include the 7 8 card game and the 3 5 8 card games.

Baccarat – The International Cash Game 

If you are a James Bond fan, you’ve seen this game played on screen many times since this is the favourite card game of filmdom's most well-known spy. The stylish game also features in other films like Rush Hour 3, and A Hard Day’s Night. It is a game played between the player and the house where each round is won by comparing the two hands. 

It is thought that the game was first played by the French nobility and is one of the most popular casino games today. Baccarat variations include Punto banco, Chemin de fer, baccarat Banque, Macao, and so on. Given its huge popularity, baccarat is also one of the popular cash games online.

Solitaire – Not Just For The Solitary Player

Solitaire is by definition a game played alone, but it can also be played against another person online. It is a card game requiring concentration and skill and patience, which is its other name! Players can compete with another player or players to create a series of card sequences to see which player completes first when both are dealt the same game. 

We don’t generally think of solitaire as a real money game, because of the numerous free solitaire apps available on Play Store and elsewhere. However, it is also played as an online cash game against other players or singly. Players can choose single-draw or three-card-draw games depending upon the level of difficulty they want. There are various variations of this game: Klondike Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Free Cell Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire, Mahjong Solitaire, Peg Solitaire, etc. 

Carrom – A Family Board Game Played Online

Carrom game is a popular table top game of Indian origin where the aim is to sink coins using a striker, with each player competing for the Queen. It is to be found in every society, colony or club if not in every home. This is another one of the cash games that can be played online, where players compete in online matches to earn real money. It can also be played with friends by sending invites via Facebook, WhatsApp and similar apps. Similar to the IRL game, the striker can be dragged into position to aim and release it to pot the coins of choice.  

Real Money Games India – How to Start Playing

In recent times people have been able to indulge their love for card games anytime any place. They no longer have to wait for Diwali for a card session or undergo the hassle of organizing a get-together for a poker night with friends. Players can create their own poker table and ask friends to join in virtually. Online platforms have caught on in a big way because players found that they could develop their gaming skills and earn real cash at the same time. Playing online obviously widens the pool of players to connect and play with so a keen player will have plenty of opportunities to play – both as a leisure activity and for refining skill. 

Players can sign up on any reputed real money games platform and start playing. They can buy virtual poker chips that will then be used to play in the same way as a game IRL. Players can choose whether they want to play low, medium or high stakes. Less experienced players can start low and work themselves up as they develop skill and gaming insight. Some platforms charge entry fees, whereas others do not. 

One of the aspects of online card play to know about, is deposit bonuses. Making a deposit on a gaming platform can entitle a player to all kinds of benefits, such as instant cash, bonuses, tournament tickets and so on. Specified codes can be used to avail these rewards or they may be added automatically at the time of payment/ checkout. 

Playing For Real Money 

A player can create an account and instantly play any real cash game. It is really simple to set up an account and make a purchase or deposit into the account. The player simply clicks on ‘Add Money’, entering the amount they want to deposit which will then go to the user’s wallet on the platform. There are several methods of payment to choose from:

  • All major credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Net banking 
  • Online wallets such as Paytm
  • UPI interfaces such as Google Pay, PhonePe, BHIM etc.

The amount as well as the deposit bonus if any will reflect in the player's account and an email confirmation of the purchase/ deposit will also be sent to the user. Once the player starts to earn in real cash games their earnings will also be reflected in their account. Redeemable amounts will also reflect here along with bonus amounts and players can redeem amounts in their account, though bonuses are typically not redeemable. They can withdraw deposit amounts as well as winnings. Redemption can take some hours or can be instant for players that meet certain criteria and/or have verified certain financial documents. Winnings may be subject to TDS as applicable if pay-outs/withdrawals are over a certain threshold as specified by the IT Act.

Online Cash Game Safety Concerns and Legality

Players looking to play real cash games online may often be concerned about the legality of online gaming as well as the legitimacy and reliability of online gaming platforms. There is the perception that online gaming is akin to gambling, however, this is incorrect. Games like poker and rummy don’t just rely on the luck of the draw. They are games of skill that require significant mental acuity and strategizing. Here the player’s experience also counts for a lot, so the more one plays, the better is the skill level and chance of winning. 

A lot of these games demand not just skill, but also patience, endurance, presence of mind, problem-solving abilities, observational abilities, and reasoning skills. The study of probability and insight into human nature are also assets here. Take, for instance, the concept of hole cards in poker. These are cards that a player will keep secret from the rest of the players and will make use of at an opportune moment when it is most beneficial. These cards are dealt facedown so that only the player they are dealt to, can see them. This is done to gain a strategic advantage over an opponent. 

The fact that games like poker and rummy are games of skill and not chance, is also a clear point of law. As far back as 1968, the hon’ble Supreme Court had held that Rummy is a game of skill. The Karnataka High Court has also held that poker is a game that needs skill. This is the view expressed by the court in 2013. In 2022, the Karnataka High Court went on to quash a state law that criminalized betting on online games of skill that further clarified the legal position. Though there have been divergent views taken by other High Courts, these cash games are largely held to be legal and permissible online. The more reputed gaming platforms function in a transparent manner; sharing information about holding patterns, details about board members, top office bearers, and other relevant particulars.

Further, the online gaming industry largely operates in a fair manner, taking care to self-regulate. They are known to make prompt and fair payouts, educate players about safe gaming, and avoid any type of misconduct. A responsible and secure gaming platform will always use state-of-the-art encryption technologies for safe online transactions and can be relied on to take precautions to protect player privacy.  Hence players can rest assured that their financial and personal details are safe and secure when playing online cash games on reputed platforms. 

Cash Rewards From Online Gaming

Another question that people often have is, is it really possible to actually earn from real money games? Now, it is the stuff of legends that Antonio Esfandiari won $18.35 million for a single tournament back in 2012, for the WOSP. The top players typically win prize money in the millions of dollars in the big poker game events such as the World Series Poker event, Super Higher Roller Bowls, and so on. 

So there is little doubt that being a good poker player can mean being able to participate in some top tournaments and some very serious money in the form of amazing cash prizes. Skilled poker players in India as well, are often able to go professional, making as much or even more money than their regular desk job. It goes without saying that not everyone can turn pro. However, even players playing their favorite games only for entertainment or as a challenging game of skill can earn from this. Players can opt to play practice games to hone their skills, take online tutorials to understand the rules of play, and get some experience before proceeding to competitive playing and cash games. To be clear, going professional is difficult to achieve, but any good player can start earning from a real cash game just by playing from their desktop or handheld device.

A monthly schedule of e-sports tournaments can include various daily, weekly, weekend or monthly tournaments. The buy-in could range from zero to a few hundreds to several thousand rupees. Cash tournaments could include:

  • Daily tournaments such as Turbo 150, Classic 100, 1 ka 4, Blaze 200, Chipsy 25, Quad KP 150, Power Up, Midnight Bash, Nighttide DST, and many others
  • There can be tournaments for specific days of a week such as Friday Bounty, Sunday Bounty, Godfather on Thursday, and so on at specified timings
  • Weekday tournaments like Morning Adda
  • Platforms may also offer high-stakes tournaments like Big Millions or Nano Poker Series with amazing cash rewards. These could have GTD or guaranteed total pay-outs/ prize money amounts that run into crores of rupees for online gaming

Schedules may change monthly, but this list gives an idea of the wide variety of games that players can join, based on their interests, skill level, and the amount of time they have. 

How to Play Cash Games

Games can be played on a desktop as well as via a free or a real cash games app on your handheld device. For instance, players can download 8-ball pool app on their phone to challenge friends to play a 3D pool game online. Some of these apps for card games will have in-app purchases while some are free with in-app ads. Some are paid apps while some offer the fermium model (some features are free while purchase grants wider functionalities/choices). 

Seasoned players would like to know whether they require real cash games APK to play and win online. APK stands for Android Package Kit, which is the file format required for some applications. It lets users install certain apps manually on devices, without having to go via an app store like Google Play. Some games require players to install this kit on their devices for online play. However, a lot of the more popular and better-established platforms do not need any app or real cash games download. On platforms like Adda52, users simply need to log into their account on the gaming platform via a web browser and access their favorite game and start playing with no need for any download. 

To play a lot of online games, word games, etc. users simply go to the Google Play store or to the iTunes store and put the required game in the search box. They can download the free or paid version as they choose and start to play. For real cash games, Paytm payment or other purchases will typically have to be made. It should be kept in mind that a real cash app, which lets players compete with each other and offers actual cash payouts is unlikely to be a free app. So if there is an app that promises big payouts for free, this is something players should be wary of; as this could be a potential scam. 

That said, there are many trustworthy platforms that offer big cash prizes to international players while some platforms are country specific. For instance, one online crypto game platform offered players a whopping $2.2 million in prize money. However, it is important to know that there are restrictions on who can participate and play depending on country-specific laws and website restrictions. Another online gaming site lets players accumulate tickets for each of the card games or interactive quests played. When a certain number of tickets are collected, this entitles the player to a jackpot draw. 

Getting Started With Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Cricket is something that has really caught on in a cricket-crazy country like India and has become hugely popular in recent years. A fantasy sport is played online via the internet. Here users create their own Dream Teams consisting of professional players they follow or whose playing abilities they admire. The virtual ‘teams’ earn points based on the actual performance of the players IRL. In fantasy online cricket games as well, there is the trading of players, by team owners, team managers, selectors, and so on so it can be fun and interesting to be a part of this gaming experience. With this form of online sports, the actual performance of players matters very much to fans and online gamers since it can influence the outcome of their fantasy team. 

According to experts, the most favorite fantasy sports include the following

  • Football is right at the top, with an estimated 40 million fans playing fantasy football
  • Fantasy baseball is another popular option, particularly in the USA
  • Ice hockey is again very popular in North America
  • Fantasy Basketball is gaining popularity across the world
  • There is even fantasy golf for lovers of the game
  • Fantasy car racing is for those Formula 1 fiends with the need for some speed
  • In India, the fantasy gaming genre includes kabaddi 
  • Fantasy Field hockey is also popular in the Indian subcontinent.

However, cricket is by far the most popular fantasy game in the subcontinent. Platforms that host fantasy game play include both free leagues as well as paid play for those who want to earn pay outs in the form of real cash.  

Indian states have differing views on platforms hosting fantasy online cash games. While some states do not permit this form of gaming, others do recognise that this is a game of skill. Fans can use their knowledge of a sport, study player statistics, examine game rules and playing conditions to gauge the outcome of matches. Since such assessments can be based on study of a game and its players, it can be said that that these are games of skill. In fact, the High Courts of states such as Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Karnataka have held that fantasy sports are in fact games of skill and not chance and hence have upheld these as legal and permissible. There is now the expectation that cryptocurrency may also possibly be incorporated into mobile gaming and other forms of virtual play. 

Real Cash Games Related FAQs

Are real money game apps the same as gambling?

As already stated above, real cash games such as poker and rummy as well as the different variants of the games are considered to be games of skill and strategy. As such these are not a form of gambling and have been recognised as such by various High Court decisions. Hence when players win money in prizes for online games these are not considered to be gambling but prizes for skill sports or strategy games

Which game is best for money?

One of the best for earning real cash is the poker game and its variants. Other games of skill such as rummy also earn significant cash prizes for players. However, the world over, poker attracts the highest cash prizes. In India as well, professional poker players are able to make a living from the game.

Which games for cash are real?

The online gaming space has grown exponentially in recent times. It has been regularised and standardised to a considerable extent. On some of the bigger, more established platforms there are millions of users who trust these sites and use them to play for entertainment as well as to earn real cash prizes which they can then withdraw. It is important not to be lured by shady operators but to opt only for the reputed platforms that have a large user base and have a proven track record over the years. 

What games pay instantly to cash App?

Depending upon which gaming platform a player uses, withdrawal of winnings can be instantaneous or could take a few hours to a few days. Again it is important for players to be careful about the sort of platform they use. Players should stick to the reputed real money gaming platforms that have segregated accounts for each player where their deposit/ winning amounts are store safely.

Which app gives real money?

Platforms like Adda52 is one of the best for real cash rewards. Players can play to practice their poker skills and then play tournaments to test their skills against other players. The winnings can then be withdrawn by the players. The Adda52 app can also be downloaded on Android or iOS smartphones and on other handheld devices such as tablets or iPads. 

What games pay you real money to play games?

Well known, popular gaming platforms with the requisite licences and mandatory permissions offer winnings or rewards to players, particularly for games of skill such as poker, rummy and so on. Again, it is a case of caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) where the player should be cautious about choosing reputed platforms that let players play actual cash games. Players have to take care not to trust some shady fly by night outfits. The online gaming world does still have some shady entities or irresponsible opaque operations that gamers should steer clear of. 

How can I be safe while using online gaming apps?

Find out about the gaming platform you wish to use. Is the company information easily available? What is the holding pattern, who are the directors and other officers of the company? Where is the company registered and is the contact information accurate? Is this information disclosed freely and fairly? These are some of the things players should examine to verify the bona fides of any platform that offers cash rewards. Players should also see the kind of encryption and security systems that the platform uses to protect the privacy and financial details of players. 

What can I do to ensure responsible gaming?

We know that online gaming can improve problem solving abilities, mental acuity, logical thinking, strategic planning. Gaming is challenging, enjoyable and can also be a great stress buster. However, the possible fallouts of irresponsible gaming are well documented and are important to keep in mind. Hence, players should take the following precautions to ensure responsible gaming and remain safe:

  • Play for developing skill. Let card playing be a social activity or something to be done in leisure time. 
  • Ensure that you choose a platform that has a good name in the market and a proven track record of real money games in India; platforms that pay-out and let players withdraw their winnings promptly
  • Do not spend any more than you can afford, and certainly never play at the cost of other people or important necessities of life
  • Set deposit limits so that you don’t over spend and never borrow money to play
  • Never play in a way that would make you lose out on studies, work and/or quality family time 
  • Take frequent breaks and set time limits/alarms for gaming. Try to schedule gaming for holidays or weekends. 
  • Remember to get up and walk around or do some stretches even while seated
  • Don’t forget to eat and hydrate on a regular basis
  • Practice the various game variants and develop skills so that you are not depending upon mere chance to win. 
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