13 Card Indian Rummy Game

How to play 13 Card Rummy Game

Have you ever played the Indian rummy 13 card game? If you have, you will know how rewarding it is - in terms of thrill, fun, money, and skills too! 13 card rummy is one of the most popular games in India. This game is popularly known as ‘paplu’. From Diwali parties to casual hangouts with friends, this game is played at all times and on every occasion.

With the advent of technology, this game has become even more popular because now, people can even play 13 card rummy online. Thus, you can play and even compete with your friends from the comfort of your home! Let us discuss more about this famous skill game.

Why is online 13 Card Rummy game so popular?

There are multiple reasons why 13 Card online rummy has been so much in demand for a long time.

  • For starters, this game is super fun and is also a great option to play when you are in a dire need of adventurous activity. If you play online 13 Card Rummy Game the right way, you will experience your adrenaline pumping as you immerse yourself in the game.

  • Since rummy is a game of skills, you will realize that through this game, you will be able to refine a lot of your skills that will help you lead a better life.

The objective of the game

Simply put, the objective of this game is to arrange your cards in the following way -

  • Two sequences (one pure sequence and another impure)

  • One pure set.

  • Rest of the cards in sets or sequences

How to play 13 Card Rummy game?

One of the reasons why rummy is so popular is that it is easy to learn. So, let us discuss how to play 13 card rummy.

  • After the 13 cards are dealt, every player draws and discards cards according to their turn.

  • Once they finish making the required combination of the cards, they can declare their hand.

  • he played with a valid declaration is announced as the winner of the game. Once you start playing, you will realize that the 13 Card Rummy rules are quite easy to understand, and once followed properly, you will be able to play better and win more.

Basic concepts of 13 Card Rummy Game

One of the most important parts of understanding the 13 Card Game Rules is learning the basic terminologies associated with the game. Here are a few.

  • Deck: In layman’s terms, a deck is a set of 52 cards including 2 face jokers in the pack. In 13 card Indian Rummy, depending on the number of players, at least 2 decks of cards are used.

  • Drop: This term is used to refer to the button a player can use to quit the game or drop out of the game.

  • Joker: In rummy, 2 types of jokers are used - cut joker and printed joker. Joker has an important role in the game because this card can be used as any card that the player does not have.

  • Sequence: When there is a combination of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit in rummy, it is called a sequence.

13 Card Rummy Game Point calculation

When you play 13 Card online Rummy, here is how the calculation of the points takes place.

  • Points have a negative value in this game so if you make a valid declaration, you will win the game by getting zero points.

  • The score of every losing player will be based on the remaining cards in their hand that are not a part of any valid combination (deadwood).

  • Ace, King, Queen, and Jack (face cards) have a value of 10 points each.

  • The numbered cards have the same value as the value of their face cards.

  • If a player decides to drop the game at any point, the initial drop value will be 10 points and the middle drop value will be 30 points.

Useful strategies to win 13 Card Rummy Game

  • Make sure you sort your cards at the beginning itself so you are able to figure out the potential combinations and discard them accordingly.

  • Don’t forget to make a note of your opponents’ moves too! Your psychological skills are really valuable in this game.

  • Do not miss out on the important role of the Joker and use your Joker card wisely - it can help you win the game.

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