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Texas Holdem/Omaha - Rake Rules


While playing Poker on, the house cuts a fee as mentioned below:

In case of Ring Games, the rake is equal to X% + Taxes (GST i.e. 18%) of the winning amount. Rake is mentioned in the Game Info tab present in the header section of table. This value will be the inclusive of all taxes

For example, if the Rake is mentioned 4.00% i.e. 3.28% + Taxes (0.72%) and if the winner wins 100 chips, 4 chips will be deducted as rake while 96 chips will be credited to the winner’s account. This deduction is done at the end of every game when the winner is announced. Rake value is defined on the basis of blind value and can be different for each room.

Rake capping : Imposed limit on the Rake amount deducted by the system. Rake capping is there for every table and rake cap value varies based on the number of users playing on the table. Example: Rake Cap (HeadsUp) = X, Rake Cap (<=3 players) = Y and Rake Cap (>3 player = Z).

Rake: Adda52 deducts a specific amount from every game played which is called rake. Rake percentage depends on number of players, winners (individual/multiple), bets, and format of the game.

Rake (Heads Up): The rake percentage in case of two players on the table.

Rake Cap(<=3):Rack amount in case of 3 or more than 3 players on the table.

Rake Cap(>3): Rack amount in case of less than 3 players on the table.

In Case of Multiple Winners

If a game has multiple winners (multiple pots divided amongst different players), the rake rules will be the same i.e. 3.28% + Taxes (0.72%) will be cut from each of the winner’s winning amount.

In case of split Pot or Game ends before flop

If a pot splits between two or more players or the game ends (everyone folds)before the flop round, no Rake will be deducted.

In case of Unequal Bets

If one of the players has bet more amount than the other players in a game, no rake is deducted on the ‘extra’ amount that the player has bet. For example if the rake is mentioned 5% , 3 players are on the table and they go All-in with 40 -20 - 20 chips respectively, then rake will be deducted on 60 chips (i.e. rake = 3 chips and winner will get 57 chips). The ‘extra’ 20 chips will be returned back to the player without any rake deduction.`

Note: If the rake is a fraction, it will be rounded off to the nearest integer.

Sit and Go (SNG) and MTT (Multi Table Tournaments):

In case of SNG and MTT, a fee is charged from the buy-in of every participant. The fee varies and can be between 0 to 10% i.e. fee + Taxes (GST i.e. 18%) based on the internal decision. For example, say in case of 4 players, if the Buy In is 100 chips and fee is 10%, the fees breakdown will be 8.2 % + Taxes (1.8%) = 10% of 400 i.e. 40 chips while the winning prize will be 360 chips.

Note: If the house fee is a fraction, it will be rounded off to the nearest integer.

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