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Texas Holdem/Omaha - Rake Rules


While playing Texas Holdem Poker and Omaha Poker on, the house cuts a fees as mentioned below:

Ring Games:

In case of Ring Games, the rake is equal to 4.4 percent + Taxes* of the winning amount i.e. 4.4 percent + Taxes (0.6 percent) of the amount won by the game winner. For example, if the winner wins 100 chips, 5 chips will be deducted as rake while 95 chips will be credited to the winner’s account. This deduction is done at the end of every game when the winner is announced.

In Case of Multiple Winners:

If a game has multiple winners, the rake rules will be the same i.e. 4.4 percent + Taxes (0.6 percent) will be cut from each of the winner’s winning amount.

In case of Unequal Bets:

If one of the player has bet more amount than the other players in a game, no rake is deducted on the ‘extra’ amount that the player has bet. For example if there are 3 players and they go All-in with 40 -20 - 20 chips respectively, then rake will be deducted on 60 chips (i.e. rake = 3 chips and winner will get 57 chips). The ‘extra’ 20 chips will be returned back to the player without any rake deduction.

Note: If the rake is a fraction, it will be rounded off to the nearest integer.

Sit and Go (SNG):

In case of SNG tournaments, a fees is charged from the winner of the tournament. The fees is equal to 8.9 percent + Taxes (1.1 percent) of the total winning amount. For example, say in a table of 4, if the Buy In is 100 chips, the fees will be 8.9 percent + Taxes (1.1 percent) of 400 i.e. 40 chips while the winning prize will be 360 chips.

Note: If the house fees is a fraction, it will be rounded off to the nearest integer. For example, in case buy-in for a 4 player table is 20 chips, the house fees will be 8 chips while the winning prize will be 72 chips.

Rake Discount:

We offer Rake Discounts from time to time, on various cash tables. Example, if there is a rake discount of 10 percent & the normal rake on a particular winning is Rs 5. Then instead of 5, 4.5 rake will be cut i.e. 5-(10 percent of 5) =4.5.

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