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This is one of the most popular Poker Rooms in India. India Poker Series are organisers of Poker tournaments in India at various Casinos. The aim is to promote Poker in India, and also to bring the poker playing fraternity of India together. This objective is achieved by holding Poker tourneys/tournaments in India at legal and licensed Casinos. India Poker Series has been holding Poker tournaments in India regularly every alternate month plus a couple of additional events each year. Thus, it has become one of the pioneers of the industry. More...


The India Poker Championship or IPC is another India’s biggest and most popular poker tournament event which takes place every alternate month in Panjim, Goa. This 4 day event takes place on Goa’s famous Casino Royale, a floating casino which is moored on the Mandovi River. The IPC has events which feature buy-ins ranging from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 20000. The IPC’s Main Event which takes place every December is the annual highlight on their poker calendar. The main event has a buy-in of Rs. 25000 and the winner of this prestigious Main Event is crowned the India Poker Champion for that season. More...


Golden Aces is a Bangalore based Indian poker room which was established in 2012. It is one of the most popular poker rooms in India which are purely aimed at the promotion of poker game throughout the country. The popular Golden Aces Poker League (GAPL) is a creation by Golden Aces. The inaugural poker event of golden aces took place in May 2012. Since then, GAPL is escalating its activities slowly & steadily to revamp the scenario of Indian poker community. It organizes most of its poker tournaments & events at Casino Pride in Goa. More...


The Asian Poker Tour (APT) has revealed that it will add India as one of the stops for the APT Asian Series tournaments. The newest APT series event was scheduled from November 8th-14th, 2011 at the Casino Royale in Goa. This was the first time that an APT tournament took place in India and is looking to join the recent boom in Indian poker tournaments at the casinos in Goa. More...


The India Poker Open is a newly launched offline poker room organized by The Shark and IPRT. The highly awaited first ever India Poker Open (IPO) took place from 12th-15th May 2011 at the Clubs Card room aboard Casino Carnival, Goa. The response to this new tournament brand was excellent & thousands of players, beginners as well as pro, participated in the games with great enthusiasm. The weekend action event conducted by the IPO included a high stakes INR 100,000 buy-in and the first ever Pot Limit Omaha tournament in India. More...


The IPRT India Amateur Poker League provides free platform to budding Indian Poker Players. IPRT treats poker as a fun game and the players can play exciting Texas Holdem Poker games absolutely free without any cash wagering. 

As an IPRT League member you can become a part of "Poker Team India" and even get a chance to be sponsored to play at WPT, WSOP & other international poker events. And if you are really skilled you might win free entries into buy-in events held at well known casinos in Goa which have huge cash prizes. More...


Aces Unlimited has made a niche for itself by offering unique Poker tournaments. The first Aces Unlimited Poker Conquest debuted in November 2010 at Casino Royale in Goa. This poker room had introduced a multi-format series which included a Rebuy, Knockout and Shootout events. More...


It is a company spearheaded by entrepreneur Mr. Debarshi Chatterji, Mr. Karan Sabhlok & Strategic Consultant Philip Sanders. The objective of the Raining Aces is to promote the poker game in its fullest glory through media and other relevant mediums. To spur enthusiasm amongst players, Raining Aces is affording unprecedented payouts and collectables to the top seven contestants. More...


The Poker Dream Challenge is organized by The Shark of New Delhi with the aim of sending the finest Indian Poker Players to Las Vegas to compete against the world’s best players in the WSOP Main Event. More...


India Poker Pros is dedicated to creating world class Poker events in India, as well as to nurturing Indian Poker talent. India Poker Pros hosts one of the biggest poker events in South Asia. It creates a platform for Poker players in this region so that they can come together and develop their game. More...


The World Gaming Festival is a distinctive gaming festival that unveiled on September, 2011 at Casino Royale, Goa. It was a four day tournament featuring five popular card games viz.

Texas Holdem Poker

, Blackjack, American Roulette and Indian Flush. Here, a player can choose to participate in a single or multiple games according to his choice. It was a knockout event and players from around the world clashed against each other for a prize money that amounted 5 crores. A joint venture of Delta Corp Ltd. & Percept Limited, the opening season of WGF saw Prasanna Yadev emerged as champion of BlackJack while Nirav Aadenwala, Ghansyam Sharda, Jaswinder Singh Suri held the first place for Indian Flush, American Roulette & Texas Holdem respectively. Actress Minissha Lamba & boxer Vijender Singh also attended the opening ceremony to up the glam quotient. More...


India Poker Legend is India's Premier Offline Poker Tournament promoted by The Shark. The Shark was e

stablished in 2009 and is co

mmitted to expanding the game of Poker in India. Moreover, The Shark has announced that their "Players of the Year" (PsOY)  will be awarded to the top 3 players on the basis of 4 tournaments to be held in 2012. More...

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Customer Care
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