Sit and Go (SNG) Poker Tournament

 From various middle-age theories like alchemy to modern day financing schemes, the internet is filled with the short-cuts to double your money(*). Some of them are worth a read, while others are just short of scam. But today, we got you a sure-shot way to multiply your investment, that too, instantly! Welcome to the world of Sit-N-Go!

Sit-N-Go, a.k.a SNG, is a variant of the popular skill-based card game - Poker. Heads-up SNG allows you to compete with only one player, thus boosting your winning percentage to win the game by 50%, far more than any other card game variant. It is one of the most time efficient online games to double your money(*) as the games usually go as long as 15 minutes. You can check out the game’s rules, hand structure, and other interesting resources.

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 Let’s come to the real deal now. One of the most popular online Poker platforms, Adda52, hosts SNG tables for thousands of players every day. A new promotional offer is also live where new users will get a FREE SNG ticket every day till they win, along with a ₹1000 sign-up bonus. That’s right! You will keep getting an SNG ticket daily. Moreover, you can also claim a 100% bonus up to ₹5000 on your first deposit. For more details on these offers, click here.

The process to register & play an SNG game on Adda52 is quite simple too:

  1. Download the application from the website - link
  2. Install & open the application to complete the registration.
  3. After registering, the Homepage will appear on the screen. Click on ‘Sit & Go’.
  4. Select the ₹10 table in the SNG lobby.
  5. Click on your SNG ticket to play the game for free.

Going heads up in SNG Tournaments

With a huge influx of players towards online poker, SitnGo (SNG) poker tournaments have become very popular. But how really should one play a SNG? How should a heads up situation in SNG’s be faced? Read on to find out how to win more when going heads up in a SNG.

  • Manage your bankroll: When in a heads up situation in a SNG poker tournament, ensure a healthy bankroll. Never risk more than 5% of your bankroll in a single game. Managing your bankroll is very important in a heads up situation in Texas hold’em poker.
  • Form a pre-flop strategy: In heads up SNG’s a lot of chips can be churned out by a good pre-flop poker strategy. Mini-raises when having royals or even suited connectors can pay off in heads up situations. A lot of bankroll can be built by being aggressive whenever you are big blind. Limping in with ordinary cards and raising to weigh your opponent can also scare him away. Mix a lot of game play with limping, raising, check-raising etc and you can maximize your pre-flop gains.
  • Use your player notes: If you have studied your opponents in the early stages of the poker tournament, then you will be able to use that information now. Using that data, you can now figure out how the opponent plays, what sort of a poker player is he, how does he react to various situations etc.
  • Understand the odds: Pot odds for a game of heads up SNG are totally different than a standard poker game. Firstly, it is a poker tournament; secondly it is a heads up game. Thus understanding the poker odds for this situation are very important. Playing while keeping the pot odds and implied odds in mind is mandatory.
  • Poker psychology: the one who stays the longest at the poker table in an SNG generally emerges victorious. So use your poker face well, throw the emotions out of the table, be patient, don’t play too many hands and vary your aggression.

Poker strategy for SNG’s:

  • Table dynamics: Understanding the psyche of poker players is very important in the game of poker. But understanding it in SNG tournaments is even more important. With this format being smaller and offering poker tournament exposure to many, many new players are found here. Thus always watch out for playing against the amateurs who will be mostly loose aggressive players playing a lot of hands. Land them in a solid hand and they will pay up a lot.
  • Observe: the early stages of a SNG are generally very easy. Just control yourself as others go crazy in pots and sit back. This is that time when a good poker player can observe and make notes to be followed in the latter stages. Just play very tightly and observe other players gameplay in the initial stages. This will really pay out in the late stages of a poker tournament.
  • Watch out for the bubble: Beware of the bubble calls. As the bubble stage comes where everyone else will cash, most players become subdued whilst some show extra aggression in an attempt to steal pots. Be wary of these times in the game of poker.
  • Manage your bankroll: Sometimes in the middle stages of the tournament when ante comes into play and blinds are going up, manage your bankroll well. If you are below table average then it is time to take chances and press the accelerator.

What are you waiting for then? Join an SNG table now & use your skills to double your money in no time!

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