Rebuy & Add-on

Rebuy And Add-ons


Q. What is a Re-Buy?

A. Re-buy feature is applicable for tournaments on which allows a player to rebuy chips in a tournament when their chips go below a threshold through Instant Rebuy (explained below) OR when the player has lost all his chips through system giving Rebuy option and Auto Rebuy option to user (explained Below).

The number of times player can Rebuy in the tournament is also mentioned in MTT lobby under ‘Rebuy Info’ section. The cost of Re-buy and the chips allotted to the player is generally the same as the tournament buy-in without i) fee (if any) and ii) bounty amount (if applicable) but can vary from tournament to tournament. This information is always mentioned inside Re-buy Info section in MTT Lobby. The time till which players can avail the Re-buy after the start of the tournament is also mentioned inside Rebuy-Info section. As a rule, all pending rebuy requests will be canceled automatically once the Rebuy time is over.

Instant Rebuy: This feature allows the player to rebuy in order to add additional chips to the current ones when his chips go below a certain threshold. The instant re-buy feature is permanently enabled but does not appear as pop-up. The player has to select it through ’Instant Re-Buy’ button.  The chips are added at the end of the hand and when chips fall below threshold level. In case player has opted for Instant rebuy, but his chips become ‘0’ at the end of the hand, then system will give rebuy popup or will Auto-Rebuy (if selected) and cancel the Instant rebuy request as the chip stack is more than Threshold in this case. The player has to again select Instant rebuy once his chip stack is refilled

Rebuy/Auto Rebuy: This feature allows the player to rebuy in case he loses all his chips on the table. The system shows a ‘Re-Buy’ pop up on the table with the re-buy amount and chips that can be bought. But to make the process faster, there is also 'Auto Rebuy' available in the game area. Checking on ‘Auto Rebuy’ will automatically process re-buy at the end of the hand when player has lost all chips. If the player has selected ‘Instant Rebuy’ option and has more than threshold chip stack at the starting of the hand and in the same hand, he loses all the chips, then system will give rebuy popup OR will Auto-Rebuy (if selected) and cancel the Instant rebuy request. The player can again select ‘Auto Rebuy’ once its processed (if available). When a player loses all chips, they have 10 seconds to re-buy or they are eliminated from the tournament. Once a player is eliminated, they cannot make a new re-buy.


Q. What is Final Add-On?

A. The Final Add-On is a last chance given to all players to add more chips to their stack. The chips allotted for a Final Add-on are generally more than the starting chip stack while the cost of the final add-on is same as the buy-in amount without i) Fees and ii) Bounty (if applicable). This information is also available in ‘Rebuy Info’ section in MTT lobby. The Final Add-On period starts when the rebuy period of the tournament ends. The game pauses for a few minutes and all players are allowed to avail the Final Add-On. As a practice, time allotted to avail Final Add-On on Adda52 varies between 2-4 Minutes depending on the tournament type.

In case the player gets the option of Add-On and he cancels the popup by mistake, player can click on ‘Add-On’ button available till Add-On period

Auto Add-On: It allows the player to bring more chips and add to his stack automatically. This feature will appear only when the rebuy period ends and Add-On period starts.

Note- Both Re-buy and Add-on features will work only if the player has sufficient chip balance in his account. These features are available only in Rebuy Tournaments and not applicable for Freezeout Tournaments.

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