India Poker Championship ( IPC )

India Poker Championship had initially started in December 2010 as a one day affair. It then increased to a two day and then finally to a three day affair. The buy-in has also increased to INR 30,000. If you are obsessed about poker, you might as well as gather all the information about India Poker Championship so as to be able to feed your obsession.

The moment you log in to the website, you will be able to see straight away that on the top right, the countdown to the next IPC event is already displayed. This is truly marvelous since it will show you the countdown till the last few seconds. The next event that everyone is looking forward to is the “Lets Burn And Turn Baby” which is going to be held at Royale Card Room in Panjim of Goa. It will start from 1st of February and last till the 5th of February this year. The game type is No Limit Hold’em and allows a total buy in of INR 3000. You will also have to pay the admin fee which is INR 500.

In order to play, you indeed have to register first which is free. If you do not become a registered member, you will not be able to register for the tournament at all. In the ‘Events’ section you can also check out the other events which will be held throughout the year. This website is really helpful since it will tell you everything about what is going on in the Indian Poker Scenario. The last IPC game was held at Casino Royale in Goa in December last year. You can go to the “Schedule” section and see what is going to happen and how. This is your chance to be able to enjoy your passion for poker. Keep checking this website for more updates!

Getting to the venue of the tournament is real easy, especially since the website contains a webpage marked as “Getting to the venue” that offers a google map of that region. It will give you very specific idea about how to reach the site of the tournament. So, be a part of this wonderful tournament and enjoy the game!

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