World Poker Tour (WPT)


This article will describe everything about the World Poker Tour, from its history and tournament format to the WPT World Championship, Player of the Year, Main event winners, WPT Ladies winners, the Walk of Fame, and the WPT Honors Award.

What is the World Poker Tour

The WPT is a reputed international poker tournament series that has played a crucial role in growing the popularity of poker worldwide. Launched in 2003, the WPT has brought the thrill and excitement of No-Limit Texas Holdem Poker to live audiences and television viewers alike.

With high-stakes tournaments organized in luxurious settings, the WPT has evolved into a platform for amateur and professional players to exhibit their skills and compete for substantial cash prizes. The series consists of events like the WPT World Championship and recognizes exceptional players through honours like the Player of the Year and the WPT Walk of Fame.


The World Poker Tour, popularly known as WPT, is one of the most popular series of Poker Tournaments in the world & associated TV series that broadcasts the final table action of each tournament. The first season of WPT was organized in early 2003, culminating in April 2003 at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas; the season aired on the Travel Channel on American Cable Television in 2003. The first three seasons of WPT are also available on NTSC DVDs. The WPT has become a well-known brand name in the global poker arena.

Tournament Format

WPT primarily offers No-Limit Texas Holdem Poker games in its various worldwide tournaments.


The annual broadcast of the WPT television show, featuring the final tables of WPT tournaments, has done a lot to give poker a family-game image. The TV show features commentary and analysis by Mike Sexton, WSOP bracelet winner and actor Vince Van Patten, while various female hosts provide interviews and sideline reporting. In WPT season 9, Kimberly Lansing took the hosting role.

WPT World Championship

The World Poker Tour's main event is the WPT World Championship, held at Bellagio, Las Vegas. The world championship took place from 19th May to 26th May 2012. The buy-in was $25,000 + $500.

Player of the Year (POY)

When a player qualifies for "In The Money" status, they become eligible to earn points for the WPT Season's Player of the Year, based on the total prize pool for each qualifying event, as decided by the sponsor. The top honour for the season's Player of the Year will go to the participant who accumulates the most points in these events in the promotion period.

In the event, a series of tiebreakers will be employed a tie in the points tally in the following sequence, with each criterion considered if the tie persists:

  • The first tiebreaker considers who has won the most titles across all the events.
  • The second examines the number of times a player has made it to the final table.
  • The third looks at the total number of events a player has participated in.
  • The fourth and final tiebreaker considers the total earnings from all the events but only those that contributed to the points tally.

It is important to note that the final tiebreaker will adapt based on local regulations regarding deal-making at events. If deal-making is permitted, then the cash prizes, as recorded by the event venue, will be reported through WPT's various channels and networks. Conversely, if deal-making is not allowed, the cash prizes will be reported according to the official prize pool figures.

Points System

Initially, the point system was relatively straightforward, focusing on the top seven finishers of each tournament up until the eighth season. The distribution of points was as follows:

  • The Winner: 1,000 points.
  • Runner-up: 700 points.
  • Third place: 600 points.
  • Fourth place: 500 points.
  • Fifth place: 400 points.
  • Sixth place: 300 points.
  • Seventh place: The individual finishing just shy of the final table receives 200 points.

However, with the arrival of the ninth season, there was a shift in the allocation of points based on the tournament's size and the total prize pool:

  • A broader group, specifically the top 10% of players finishing in the money in any given event, began accumulating Player of the Year points.
  • The point ceiling for event winners was recalibrated on the basis of the size of the prize pool. For events amassing a prize pool under $500,000, winners would now earn 600 points. Conversely, for those with prize pools surpassing $4,000,000, winners could earn up to 1,400 points. Notably, the WPT World Championship would always ensure a minimum of 1,400 points for the winner, irrespective of the prize pool size.
  • Despite the changes, the system retained its descending point distribution structure, guaranteeing that all players in the money would receive points starting at a minimum of 50.

WPT Main Event winners

Here is a list of the World Poker Tour main event winners:




Winning Amount

Dan Sepiol

WPT WC Main Event



Eliot Hudon




Taylor Black




Phillip Mighall

WPT WC Main Event



WPT Ladies

In 2008, the World Poker Tour declared a range of tournaments for women, referred to as WPT Ladies. The opening season incorporated five events. Nancy Todd won the Ladies Championship, and Vanessa Selbst was the second winner. Currently, no WPT Ladies events are being hosted. 

WPT Walk of Fame

The World Poker Tour Walk of Fame recognizes and rewards poker players who have performed exceptionally well in the tournament. It began in 2004 at Commerce Casino in California.

The first honorees who were inducted in 2004 are as follows:

Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson, the Godfather of Poker, was among the world's most renowned and respected poker players. He earned the title of World Championship nine times. He had established and maintained his brilliance in poker for the longest time, inspiring many players worldwide.

Gus Hansen

Gus Hansen, also known as "The Great Dane" and "The Madman," is a renowned poker player from Copenhagen, Denmark. He has won three World Poker Tour Championships and one World Series of Poker bracelet. 

James Garner

James Garner was among the first to be inducted into the Commerce Casino World Poker Tour Walk of Fame. His impact significantly contributed to the game's increasing worldwide popularity, and he frequently participated in poker games, both in Hollywood and during events at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

WPT Honors Award

The World Poker Tour Honors Award was founded in 2017. Linda Johnson was the first Player to receive the WPT Honors Award. Mike Sexton was the second, Bruno Fitoussi was the third, Steve Lipscomb was the fourth, and Lyle Berman was the fifth honoree. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the World Poker Tour Membership?

The WPT membership is $27.95 per month, $74.95 per quarter, and $264.95 for the year.

How do you enter the World Poker Tour?

Players must sign up and register to join the World Poker Tour on their website. 

Is the World Poker Tour free?

No, participation in the World Poker Tour requires an entry fee. Nevertheless, players can qualify in satellite tournaments to win free entry to participate in WPT.

Do World Poker Tour players play with real money?

Yes, the players play using real money in the World Poker Tour. To participate, they pay real money as the entry fee, and the stakes in the tournament are also accurate to win cash prizes.


WPT has significantly popularized poker, providing prestigious tournaments worldwide, including the WPT World Championship. The WPT combines high-stakes competition with widespread television broadcasts, making poker accessible and exciting for the players and viewers.

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