How To Play Poker, India’s largest poker site presents online poker in all popular variants – Texas Hold'em, Pot Limit Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo which you can play with Freeroll as well real cash.


Learn how to Play Texas Hold'em: The most popular variant of poker is Texas Hold'em in which you need to form the best five-card combination out of the two hole cards dealt with you privately and five common cards dealt on the table.


Learn how to Play Pot Limit Omaha: Omaha is a community card game in which you need to form the winning five-hand combination by using exactly 2 of your hole cards in hand with 3 of the community cards dealt on the table. In the pot limit version of Omaha, the betting amount is capped to the money already present in the pot.


Learn how to Play Omaha Hi-Lo: Hi/Lo version of Omaha is a split pot game in which a player forming the best high hand wins half of the pot and one who forms the best qualifying low hand as per a set of rules wins the other half of the money in the pot.

At, you will find the best information on How to play poker, its rules and betting structure as well as a comprehensive list of poker strategy to improve your game.

In How to Play poker section of each variant, you can learn the basics of that poker variant with real gameplay examples. The Hand Ranking section lists the poker hand rankings in a sequence which helps you understand which hand prevails over the others. To improve your learning of which hand to play and which to fold, has made a list of starting hands for each variant. Once you progress into the game, you may like to read poker strategies curated to answer all your questions about advanced gameplay.

If you are not an avid reader but like to learn poker things by watching a video instead, has a variety of poker video tutorials which you may watch to learn playing poker. Keeping in view your love for the game of poker, runs interesting quizzes and provides various poker-facts on its blog.

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