How to Play Ace Jack Poker

Texas Holdem – How to Play AJ

The JackAss of the poker game is mostly underestimated but when played well can yield rewards. Ace and Jack (AJ) is always a regular in the top ten starting poker hands and a suited one will give you another 2 % edge.

Don’t go over the top

Ace Jack is a great poker hand, even unsuited, but it is never good enough to raise over the top. In fact, it is best to simply call/check the board with AJAX irrespective of your position. If you are raised then you can call provided you are in late position but never re-raise and try to push the other player down. Chances are you might be facing high pockets and your hand might not have the possibility to get the other stronger card to fold. Remember you only have a one in six chance of flopping your pair so smooth call your cards and pray.

When Played at Adda52

In the online poker Sunday Texas hold’em finals on 8th April, with blinds at 4/8, player jyojyo saw Jd Ac as suraj18588 in late position had a 8 of spades. None raised and five players saw the flop which was Kc 9h 4s and none had paired. jyojyo decided to take his chance and lose the chasers with a raise of double big blind. He was called by suraj18588 and rupalb who had 8d 10h who seemed to be heading nowhere. The turn was Ah and the top pair for two players. jyojyo again raised 16 and was called by suraj18588. The river was 4d and jyojyo now pressed harder and went all in to shirk of suraj18588 and win the pot. Thus proving that the best poker strategy is to be safe with Jackass and then play.

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