How To Play 21 Card Rummy


Playing Rummy online at adda52 has been fun and we have all enjoyed the same. In our endeavor to be innovative and bring something new to you, so as to keep up the excitement and fun in the online gaming and social networking space, we have decided to bring something new for you.

21 Card Rummy - In this game each player is dealt 21 cards.

The mandatory requirements for declaring is:

  • 3 pure sequence of minimum 3 cards each.
  • If 3 sequences are not made then the entire hand is counted as points, with the exception of the pure sequences and jokers. Rest of the cards can be made into impure sequences and sets. An impure sequence is defined as a sequence which has been made with the help of a joker. These sets or impure sequences are mandatorily made of 3 cards , but they can also be made of 4 cards. Jokers can be  used to make these sets/sequences.

What is new in this 21 card rummy game?

In addition to all the points discussed above, there will be certain VALUE cards, which are dependent on the cut joker that is opened for every game. These cards change with every game, because the cut joker changes with every game. These cards are called VALUE cards. For easy identification these value cards are highlighted for each game. Each value card hold 20 points.

3 consecutive value cards of same suit = Marriage = 100 Points

What are Value cards?

The Value Cards are like jokers because they can be used as normal jokers, but they are also “valuable” in the sense that if a player possess any of these cards, all the other players in that game, will give certain additional points for these value cards, to the player who has these value cards in their hand irrespective of the fact that the player has declared or not in that particular game. Similarly all other players will get points for the value cards they have in their hand, from each of the players, at the time of playing that particular game.

Example of Value cards :

Let us assume that 5 of hearts is the cut joker that has been opened in a particular game.

Then all 5s are jokers, as in a normal Rummy game.

  • 6 of hearts – is a value and carries 20 points. Each 6 of hearts in each players hand will get 20 points from all the other players. It will be also called as Paplu.
  • 4 of hearts - is a value too and carries 20 points. Each 4 of hearts in hand will get 20 points from all the other players. It will be also called as Nichlu.
  • 5 of hearts – is a value  and carries 20 points. However please remember, we are playing with 3 decks of cards and hence there will be only two 5 of hearts. Each 5 of hearts in hand will get 20 points, from each of the other players in that particular game. It will be also called as Titlu.

The most interesting aspect of 21 Cards Rummy game is, if a player in a particular game has - 4 of hearts, 5 of hearts, and 6 of hearts, then it is called Marriage Hand. Marriage in Rummy game will attract 100 points. Each marriage in hand will get 100 points. This marriage is also treated as a pure sequence.

The Online Rummy game continues as usual. There is no change in the nomenclature or the way cards are arranged or melded or declaration is done. The standard rules of online rummy game applies in this game too. The only change is that in the 21 card rummy game there are additional points to be got, if the value cards are there in a player’s hands. In this manner a player who has a full hand, can minimize his losses, if he has these value cards in his hand.

These value cards can be treated or used as jokers in the Rummy game. These value cards will be in addition to the cut jokers which are being currently used in the Rummy game.

When a player declares, the melding and the send card function remains the same as before. The show points table will reflect the cards as can be seen even now and will also reflect the value cards. These can be clearly seen in the show point table. 

New Validation Rules :

3 pure sequences & remaining cards in valid sets/sequences.


8 Jokers in one group.


dublee in separate groups; wherein Dublee is the pair of cards of same suit & same face value.


7 dublees arranged in groups will be a free hand. 


3 trinalas in separate groups.

Moreover, 3 paper jokers together form a valid trinala.

The "Ace of spade & 2 of club" together form Star Cards. Each Star card hold 10 points & cannot be treated as joker.

Drop Points :

All the "Value Cards" will be honored first. Full hand points will vary from 0 to 120 ensuring the maximum point a player gives out in one hand is 240.

As the values play a major role in 21 cards rummy, the rules for players also will change when they wish to opt for drop/leave seat.

Initial Drop : Initial drop penalty of 30 points

No values are honoured, either in hands of person opting for initial drop or values in hand of other players on the table.

Middle Drop : Middle Drop penalty of 75 points

All values are honoured - either in hands of person opting for initial drop or values in hand of other players on the table.

Leave Seat : Not allowed after game starts

Exit Room : Full points levied i.e. 120 points. Always allowed, warning is shown if player leaves rooms after dropping

No values are honoured - either in hands of person opting for initial drop or values in hand of other players on the table.

Like cut joker, even value cards cannot be picked from the discarded pile except the very first time.

New Rules

In case of Declaration in the first round, players who did not get the chance for their first turn will have Maximum of Middle Drop deduction + value cards in 21 card rummy.

Player exits the Room without dropping his hand (after the cards are distributed), Full Hand will be deducted for that particular player.

A set is only valid when it has 4 or less than 4 (which is 3) cards.

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