Turkish Rummy Rules

Turkish Rummy Rules

Okey or Turkish Rummy is a game that has begun to get a rather large following. It is similar to most other rummy games but it also has a few unique twists and turns to keep it interesting. The rules are not difficult but it is advisable to make yourself intimately familiar with them from the start.

This fun game is played with 106 tiles instead of the usual deck of cards. The difference is that there are two types of Jokers, real joker and false joker.  The tiles are printed on one side and blank on the other much like dominoes. Instead of spots you get numbers like on a deck of cards. The tiles are suited in four colors, green, yellow, red and black.

The tiles are shuffled and stacked into five piles. There should always be one extra tile and it goes to the dealer.  Each of the players should have only 14 tiles.

For each round the joker is found by turning up the top tile. If it is a 9 then the wild card is 10, it is always counted as one higher than the actual face value.


The objective is to be the first one without any tiles left in front of you.


Just like all rummy games you have to meld runs and set. A run being 3 or more tiles of the same color in sequential order ands the set is the 3 or four of a kind.


You can win even if you do not have a meld; if you have 7 different pairs in your hand, you can win and when this happens all your opponents lose 4 points.  Meld wins only penalize them 2 points.

In Turkish Okey Rummy, along with usual wild cards, there are also starred tiles that are used to show what number tile is the wild card and they are used in another cards place.


In Turkish rummy all players start with zero. Unlike other games the points accumulated are negative. The objective is to be the one with the lowest point total at the end of the game.

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