Burraco Rummy Card Game

Burraco Rummy

No matter what is said about the game of Burraco, its popularity has grown immensely in the recent past. And yes, it has its roots firmly entrenched in Canasta more than rummy but because of its popularity and the fact that rummy and canasta are fairly similar card games no one argues the point. The rules of Burraco also strongly resemble the rules of canasta.

This is the only game on rummy sites that can be played as a team sport. If seven or eight people want to play then the players are divided into two teams. Of all the card games, the rules for this one takes a bit of time to grasp & get used to. However, the gameplay is similar to canasta.

We suggest that you study the rules of this game very carefully before sitting down to the table. We have no idea who actually invented the game or first came up with the rules of the play. What we do know is that a lot of people are playing it and having loads of fun doing so. A lot of people are looking for Burraco Rummy these days, beating out canasta as the years go by.

This card game is very popular in Italy and it gets its name for a special meld that consists of seven or more cards. This meld is required for winning and this makes the game one that can be loudly debated. This game debuted in 1940s and has continued to grow in popularity.

You can find the rules and how to play online but we suggest you try a few practice games before putting out any bets. This is not your usual rummy game and what you win depends on all of your players.

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