How to Play Four Suit Rummy

Four suit rummy is a variation of rummy which can be played by only two players at a time. In this variation of rummy, the players are given 12 cards and they are supposed to make four runs of one suit each where a run is a set of 3 consecutive cards of the same suit. For example, the cards 2-3-4 of diamonds will be categorized as a run.


The aim of the game is to arrange all the in-hand cards into valid combinations of four sequences.


Once the cards are dealt, the dealer leaves an upturned card and the other player can either pick up that card or the topmost card from the pile of cards remaining. He can keep the card or discard it. The same goes for the other player, he will be either picking up a card discarded by the other player or a card from the pile.

Wild Cards

The four suit rummy considers the aces as wild cards. By a wild card, we mean that an ace of clubs can replace any club card. For example, a set of 5-A-7 (all three cards of clubs) is also taken as a run because the ace which is the wild card of the game, will replace 6.


The points in the four suit rummy are calculated on the basis of number of runs that a player has made. Each run made by a player gives him 20 points. In case, he has two runs having the same set of numbers, he gets an additional 50 points. It should be noted that a player gets an extra 50 points for every matching set. For example, in case he has three sets with the same ranks, he will get 150 additional points, 50 for each matching set of run.


There can be two types of card games possible in the four suit rummy; We can have a pre-decided number of hands to be played, mostly ten, and the player who has the highest points wins the game. Another way is having a run of 1000. The player who first reaches 1000 points is declared as the winner. Even in this case, if both players reach the 1000 point mark in the same hand, the player with the higher score wins.

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