Rummy 500 Strategy and Tips

Coming out of the gate you can already imagine that the game of rummy 500 is one of skill and strategy more than luck. The game is played like most of the other games in this family as a series of rounds. How well you do in each round will determine the outcome of the game. The players need to collect points, the more points you can collect in each round the closer you get to win in the game. Let’s see if these strategies and tips can help you get to 500.

In rummy 500 the gameplay is fast and furious. Being alert will help you to make the best choices when discarding and drawing. You also have to keep a close eye on what the opponents are playing and most often you can tell more about their hand by what they don’t play.

Be careful when drawing from the discard pile. You can pick up one or all of the cards in the pile but you have to use the last one picked up and if you can’t use some of the others right away this could prove to be a fatal mistake. If you pick up several cards and the next player goes out, you are penalized.

As with all rummy games, players meld or build as they can. When building on an opponent meld you have to point to the meld before adding the card. One strategic play is to add to sets instead of runs if you add to a set they are nullified. On the other hand, adding to a run could open it up so others get a chance at it. This is a general rule of thumb, however, there are contrary circumstances as well.

In rummy 500 you are allowed to draw more than one card at a time. Here’s the rub, if you draw cards and can’t use them you could get caught with them in your hand. These penalty points are deducted from your melds and even from your score if necessary. You could even get to a negative score. Careful planning is the order of the day when drawing your cards.

Look at it this way if the card you need is behind several high-value cards and you put these in your hand and two plays later someone “rummy’s” you are stuck with that count. If it isn’t in a meld in this game it does count against you.

These tips cannot guarantee you a win in Rummy 500 but can certainly help a lot if you are a beginner. If you are new to the rummy game, going in with a bit of strategy will at least keep some of the wolves from knocking down your door.

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