Rummikub Rummy Strategy and Tips

Rummikub Rummy Strategy and Tips
If you can think outside the box then you will have a blast playing Rummikub Rummy. It requires the kind of thinking that is creative as well as strategic. We have a few online rummy tips and suggested strategies that will enhance your game. But remember experience is the best instructor of all. These are guidelines only they are not etched in granite and may or may not be applicable depending on the circumstance of the game you are playing. Each move changes the dynamics of a game.


When melding bear in mind that a player does not get to make any changes in the melding area if they do not have a meld worth 30 points. Most players try to ensure there autonomy by making the first meld 30 or better.


Being alert and concentrating throughout the entire game is the only way you will win. You can easily rate your proficiency against your opponents and even figure out if they are close to going out by simply paying attention. This is important so that you can get rid of as many tiles on your next turns as possible to avoid racking up penalty points.


The joker tile can be used by any player not just the person who placed it in the melding area. To keep this from happening you should attempt to hold it as long as you dare before using it in a meld. This is the one card that can give you a hefty penalty all by itself.

Rearranging melds

This is the most fascinating and unique move in this game. In order to make it count you have to know what has been melded by others and what tiles have left the game. One rummy strategy is to wait to see what your opponent is attempting before rearranging your melds. It may be a way to effectively prevent them from winning or at least going out.
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