Adda52 Withdrawal Policy

Q. How to withdraw money from my Adda52 account?

A. . Adda52 offers very user friendly Withdrawal process.

All the Withdrawals requested/modified before 6 am on any given day except weekends and bank holidays get processed the very same day.

The amount user chooses to withdraw instantly gets deducted from his adda52 account disallowing the user to use that amount for playing.

Steps to put a withdrawal request

  • Login to your Adda52 account
  • Go to My Account
  • Click on Withdraw, fill in the required details
  • Select mode of Withdrawal(By Cheque or Online)

Note - In case of Withdrawal by cheque, it may take up to two weeks for the cheque to get delivered. In case your physical address/bank account information is not updated correctly with us, please send your address/bank account details to from your registered e-mail address along with a proof(Bank statement for bank account and DL/Voter ID/Adhaar/Passport for address proof).

Q. What is the minimum amount I can withdraw?

A. The minimum amount that can be redeemed is Rs 100.

Q. What documents should I provide to make a withdraw request?

A. Mobile Number Verification is compulsory for all users who make a Withdrawal request. Adda52 reserves the right to ask it's users to submit their KYC documents at any point of time. It's always better to get it done proactively to avoid any delays.

Q. Are there any withdrawal charges?

A. No

Q. Are there any penalties for withdrawal?

A. A normal purchase does not attract any penalty on withdrawal until it's not a case of purchase withdraw or user is found to be involved in any malicious activity/unfair game play.

If user fails to accumulate a minimum of 12% Release Unit of the requested withdrawal amount, Adda52 reserves the right to charge a penalty of up to 15% of the deposits made or requested withdrawal amount (whichever is lower). Minimum penalty levied in such cases is Rs 100. The above mentioned 12% Relase Unit will have to be earned by the player between the time of last Deposit or Last Withdrawal (whichever is later) and the time of current withdrawal request.

In cases where the user has availed/used any promotional offer/bonus code, the terms of the respective offer have to be fulfilled.

Q. What if I don't receive the Withdrawal amount in my bank account?

A. You can always contact our support team (dial 1800 572 0611 or e-mail us at and they'll guide you from there. Keeping a soft copy of updated bank statement in case of online withdrawal will make the process faster.

The turnaround time for online withdrawals is 24 working hours. For withdrawals through cheque the turnaround time is 15 working days.


Q. When and how many times can I request for Withdrawal?

A. Users are allowed to request one withdrawal every day, however, they can update/modify it any number of times. For Withdrawals the 24 hours cycle is considered between 6:01 AM to 6:00 AM.

Between Mondays to Thursdays all the Withdrawals requested/modified before 6 am and till 2 pm on Fridays except weekends and bank holidays get processed the very same day.

Any request received/modified outside the defined window will get processed the next working day.



Adda52 is committed to provide FAIR PLAY on it's website. Our Compliance Team keeps a close eye on game play of all players. We follow zero tolerance policy against any malpractices.

By Agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the site, you agree not to indulge in any unfair game practice that might provide undue advantage to you or any other player.

Adda52 reserves the right to withhold any necessary action, as it deems fit, against players found indulging in unfair means. The action could range from monetary penalties, temporary account suspension, Withdrawal blocking to permanent account deactivation.

Depositing and withdrawing without playing any or a reasonable amount of games is a violation of our fair play deposit and withdrawal policy. Consecutive deposits and withdrawals are considered as money laundering actions, which is not permitted on Adda52. Any user involved in violation of our fair play deposit and withdrawal policy is eligible for prosecution. Any user deemed to be a fraud user for any reason, for example, found depositing or withdrawing from/to a fraudulent account, is subject to legal action from Adda52 management including but not limited to the confiscation of the user's balance and locking of the user's account.

Users are also prohibited from opening multiple accounts on the site. Adda52 reserves the right to block/deactivate any account(s) suspected of being a duplicate account

Players caught dumping chips between accounts will be levied a minimum penalty of 40% of the Chip dumped. Adda52 reserves the right to permanently block the account and forfeit the chips (including pending Withdrawals) available in it if the user is found to be involved in any kind of malicious activity/ unfair game play.


If a user files a Withdrawal on receipt of any purchase bonus without fulfilling the terms of the promotion, it's considered as misuse of Bonus. In such cases, reserves the right to forfeit the complete Bonus or recover the bonus amount from real cash available in the account or Withdrawal. In certain cases it may even attract additional penalties.


If you suspect involvement of any player in any kind of malpractice, you must report that to us. We'll investigate the issue further and initiate necessary action.

In order to report a issue you can either contact our support team or report it directly from the table by expanding the Dealer chat box and selecting ‘Report Issue'. It is advised that you report such issues directly from the table itself as it automatically captures the necessary details. If reporting via support team, you must share the table id, date and time of occurrence along with the issue in detail.


You can reach out to our support team either by dialing 1800 572 0611 or e-mail us at You can also initiate a chat session directly from our website.

Customer Care
1800 572 0611
Monday - Sunday
12 PM to 10 PM
Customer Care
1800 572 0611
Monday - Sunday
12 PM to 10 PM

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