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Poker Variants in India

Many poker variants are popular across the globe like Stud Poker, Draw Poker & Omaha Poker. However, when it comes to India, the most popular poker variant played by the masses as well as the poker enthusiasts is Texas Holdem Poker. It is the most preferred card game as far as the Indian poker community is concerned & is also undisputedly the most fun-filled & exciting card game. The decision to televise the World Poker Tour (WPT) events transformed this game into a popular spectator sport as well; which is also played in the main event of the WPT and WSOP.

Texas Holdem Poker can be played in three standard formats: Limit Texas Holdem, Pot Limit Texas Holdem & No Limit Texas Holdem.

Whether you play Pot limit, Limit or No-Limit Holdem, the rules of standard Texas Holdem game apply. As in any game of Holdem, all players are dealt 2 hole cards face down. These are also called private cards. At this point you have some idea whether or not to play the hand based on the value of the 2 cards. Once a player has his 2 cards, he will have to decide whether they want to match the blinds, raise the pot or fold. A dealer button is placed left of the dealer and this will indicate who will be on the big and small blind. These are automatic bets that have to be made regardless of the strength of a player’s hand. They exist to ensure that there is always some money in the pot. So players must decide if they want to stay in the pot or not. If they do they need to match the value of the big blind. If they do not they can simply fold and are not obliged to put any chips in the pot thereafter.

If the game is Pot Limit there is a betting cap on what you can bet. As the name suggests, you can only bet the value of the pot. If there is INR 500 in the pot (including bets), you can bet INR 500. Remember, that the pot includes all bets that have been made in the hand.

Limit Texas Holdem games differ only in as much as there are caps as to how much you can bet and raise. The difference is that the first to bet can only raise stakes equal to the value of the big blind, say INR 10. Any player after him that wants to raise can only raise double the bet, or INR 20. If a third player re-raised, he could raise to INR 40 (double the first raise). Most rooms have a cap on the number of raises that can be made; it’s mostly 3 but can vary.

No-Limit Game simply means that once the blinds have been made, any player can wager all his chips at any time in the game.

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