Progressive Rummy Strategy and Tips

Online progressive rummy has charmed millions of people with its variations and twists. However, to become proficient or a winner in this rummy game you should make yourself familiar with the Progressive Rummy rules and strategy in a better way.

Progressive Rummy Rules:

Progressive rummy can be played by 2-8 players with either two or three decks. According to the progressive rummy rules, each player picks up a card from the deck and the player who draws the lowest rank card acts as the dealer. After dealing the cards, the remaining cards are placed face down to form the stock pile. A card is then placed facing upside to form the discard pile.

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The player to the left of the dealer draws a card from the stock pile and discards a card on the table that s/he thinks is irrelevant for the meld. The practice of drawing and discarding cards moves clockwise until one of the player melds the card with minimum score. The face cards carry 10 points, jokers 25 points and Ace 15 points.

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In the progressive rummy there will be 7 deals. In the first deal, players get 6 cards to make two sets. In the second deal, they get 7 cards and have to make one set and one sequence. Players get 8 cards in the third deal and have to make two sequences. In the fourth deal, there will be 9 cards and 3 sets. The players in the 5, 6 and 7 deal will get 10, 11 and 12 cards respectively. Players will have to make 2 sets and 1 sequence, 1 set and 2 sequences, and 3 sequences in the 5th, 6th and 7th deal.

Progressive Rummy Strategy:

Strategy is very important to win the game in progressive rummy. One of the strategies of winning is to keep an eye on the cards your competitors are discarding. Always remember, jokers are the wild card and you can place them easily to meld. You should also try to make other sets with the cards available with you.

So, knowing the progressive rummy strategy and rules, you can become a winner and win cash prizes.

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